Makeup Monday – Buxom Lash Mascara

I’m back to my LashStash mascaras.  So far from the box, I liked Kat Von D and Lancome Hypnose.  I’ve already run out of Kat Von D and used up the rest of my old Covergirl mascara, so I’m down to my original Clinique and the Lancome one.  Time to try new ones!

I was surprised to open the box and see 5 mascaras left.  I thought I had reviewed the majority of them already.  It was a nice surprise for Monday morning.

I picked up Buxom Lash Mascara ($19) to try today.  The wand is very large and rubbery.  The length of it made it a little difficult to get in the corners and it felt like it pulled too much, like it was sticking to my lashes.  The look of this mascara is good for everyday.  It lengthens a little bit and darkens a lotta bit.  It is not, however, buxom.  There is no thickening going on here.  It wouldn’t hold up well with a smoky eye or other heavy, going-out makeup.  If it lasts through the day, I’ll add it to my weekday rotation, but I probably wouldn’t buy it.  Why choose a mascara that gives you less volume?


BONUS – Nail of the Day

Since I pick my nailpolish (and cuticles, as you can see), it really only lasts a day or two.  Which means I’ve already replaced my sparkly blue nails (removing the sparkly layer was a bitch).  This is Nails Inc. Jermyn Street.  In some light it looks like poopy brown:


Meanwhile, in other light it’s a nice dark mauve:IMG_0470


I really like it as the mauve.  Not so much as the shitty brown.


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  1. I really like Lancome Hypnose mascara too, funnily enough I got it as a freebee when I brought Lancome Grandiose and another Lancome product and actually prefered the little free mascara. Zoe, xx

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