Workout Wednesday 12/31

Between the holiday and an unrelenting sinus cold, this week did not turn out quite as planned.  Sunday I layed on the couch all day while my head vascillated between feeling like somebody was blowing it up like a balloon and I couldn’t release the air to feeling like an anvil was sitting on it.  My ears kept popping.  I couldn’t hear.  My nose was stuffed and runny at the same time.  And I ate SO MUCH SOUP.

Then, Monday I had cleared my schedule to get in a good gym workout.  I got to the gym at 5:15pm and was promptly informed that the gym was closing at 5:45pm.  UGH.  I go to the gym at my university and this is one of the downsides. The hours during holiday breaks are horrendous.  So, my long workout turned out to be 22 minutes on the treadmill before I was kicked out!

Wednesday 12/24 PT + Run  1.65 miles, 19:11 minutes
Thursday 12/25 Merry Christmas
Friday 12/26 PT
Saturday 12/27 PT + Arms Upper Body Burner
Sunday 12/28
Monday 12/29 PT + Gym 1.6 miles, 22 minutes
Tuesday 12/30 PT + Workout Tight Buns
Wednesday 12/31 PT + Run 1.65 miles, 21.09 minutes

I included today’s workout here because A. I already did it, so putting it in next week’s goals felt disingenuous and B. that will make my December compilation easier!

Life just keeps getting in the way of my exercise goals.  I’m flying for Texas next Wednesday AM and obviously plan on being deathbed hungover tomorrow.  Happy New Year!

Day Exercise  
Thursday 1/1 PT
Friday 1/2 PT + Gym Gym is open until 10pm this night, so I’m gonna go for 30 minutes and 2 sets of pull ups/dips.
Saturday 1/3 PT + DVD Hopefully my Jillian Michael’s DVD will finally get here!!
Sunday 1/4 PT + Abs 6 Week 6 Pack – for the third try – I seem to keep avoiding this one.
Monday 1/5 PT + Gym Going for another 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Maybe throw in a couple 3 minute runs and see how I do.
Tuesday 1/6 PT + Abs 15 minute abs
Wednesday 1/7 PT Honestly, I have to take a cab to to the airport because I have to get there before buses and trains even start running.  It will be a miracle if I even get my PT done.