Soap & Glory Face Wash. Philosophy Miracle Cream.

IMG_0561Soap & Glory – Face Soap and Clarity ($25)

This Vitamin C facial wash includes “natural superfruit™ yuzu and ultra-soft scrub-beads, this high-tech foaming wash is a multitasking miracle.”  I don’t think I’ve ever read product descriptions so closely before reviewing all these samples.  They all sound like so much bullshit.  You really need to trademark superfruit??  What the fuck is yuzu?!?  It’s either the next-generation digital communication platform…or a citrus fruit.  I don’t want the hipster of face wash.  I want something unpretentious.

Anyway, I chose this one because the packaging seemed unpretentious.  After my experience with powder wash and oil/gelee wash last week, I just wanted a plain old face wash.  One in a familiar consistency.  That foamed.  And washed off.  This one [mostly] did the job.  It is sort of gel consistency, but you still wet it before putting on.  It has a slightly strange smell, like bathroom cleaner…Scrubbing Bubbles, maybe.  Speaking of scrubbing, the scrub beads are pointless.  They’re so distributed that I think there were two on my face, which scrubbed maybe one square inch.  That aside, my face felt clean and fresh after and I think I’ll get a lot of uses out of this sample size.

philosophy – Miracle Worker Overnight ($68)

Holy mother, that’s expensive.  I suppose if it really is “age resetting” and the “rare marine algae extract” really does get rid of “age accelerating proteins.”  I suppose.  I don’t know how to tell if it does any of that.  Especially from a sample size.  Can I get my number of age accelerating proteins tested?  Aha, the research results.  50 participants.  An improvement in fine lines in 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the lines.

Some of the reviews on Sephora are terrible – burning, no difference in lines, terrible smell.  I can say that I didn’t experience that.  I thought it was a nice overnight cream.  It has a faint citrus smell, more like grapefruit than orange.  It was heavy, but still easily spread over my face, so I didn’t have to use a lot (the importance of this aspect is directly correlated to the price!).  My face felt a little oily when I woke up, which I wasn’t in love with.  So this was definitely too heavy for the day and I like to consolidate products. I did like it and maybe I’ll try it again when I’m in severe need of “age resetting,” but for now I’ll stick with an all purpose moisturizer.  (Maybe I just don’t respond well [mentally] to bells and whistles?)


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

As a part of this award, I am given the following tasks to do:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site –

    Thank you L from Bubbles and Booyah!  Her blog features a lot of fitness articles (running, crossfit-type stuff, etc.) and lots of vegetarian food and funny stories.  Seriously, she’s super upbeat, fun, and motivated, and her attitude is contagious!  

  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  • Nominate seven blogs.
  • Make a list of ten questions for your nominees.

Questions I have to answer — L was kind enough to only ask 5.

  1. Why did you start your blog?
    1. I originally was trying to use it to quit smoking.  I thought it would help with my motivation and my progress.  Quitting smoking is still a work in progress.  I’ve made A LOT of progress, and I’m comfortable there, so there wasn’t too much to write about.  I had a separate blog on a different host about fashion.  I combined them and decided that I would write about whatever the fuck I want, followers be damned.  It’s a creative outlet for me that I’ve been using more and more since being in grad school for engineering.
  2. What Jeopardy! category would you clear, no problem?
    1. Any on the high schooler episodes!  Haha  Also pretty good at pop culture and TV.
  3. Three things you’d like to accomplish this year (they can be as small or monumental as you’d like).
    1. Graduate!  That used to seem like an easy goal until I got a 54 on my first homework in a required class.
    2. Run a half marathon.  I’m registered for this one in Easton, MA in July.
    3. NOT cut my hair.  This one’s a little goofy, but I always grow my hair out past my shoulders, I chop it off into a pixie cut.  It’s currently just past my shoulders and I’m starting to get that itch, but I really want to be able to do a top knot without clipping up the back goddamit!!
  4. Your perfect day: Go.
    1. Coffee and an avocado muffin from 3 Little Figs in Somerville, MA.  Preferably delivered to me while I’m in my pajamas reading a book or watching bad TV.  Going for a run in sunny, 40 degree weather.  Going out to a fancy ass dinner, but not overeating, then going dancing to 80’s, 90’s ish music – Phoenix Landing and The Burren are my favorites.
  5. What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled and why?
    1. Germany.  Good beer in huge mugs and happy, sexy people.
  6. Bonus round: What cheesy song do you have memorized?
    1. Shoop by Salt n Peppa
    2. Bust a Move by Tone Loc
    3. Bitch by Meredith Brooks (my personal anthem)

I nominate the following 7 ladies for this award.  I know (or suspect) that many of you have done it before, so don’t feel the need to repeat!

  1. Babeta Runs
  2. Orange Drop Delight
  3. BlissfulBritt
  4. A Cupcake For My Thoughts
  5. The Happy Lifeaholic
  6. The Keen Peach
  7. Stephie Estie

Please answer the following questions.

  1. If you have a tattoo, what is it and why?  If you have more than one, tell us about your favorite.  If you have none, is there any you’ve thought of, just in case you decide to one day?
  2. Your go-to karaoke song?
  3. Why did you start your blog?
  4. Is there anything you’ve been thinking about or wanting to write about that doesn’t fit with your theme?
  5. Favorite sport?  To watch or play?
  6. Describe an outfit you have in your closet that makes you feel powerful and in charge when you wear it.
  7. Favorite cocktail or beer?
  8. How do you want people to see/describe you?
  9. Favorite color to paint your nails?
  10. Show us a picture of your favorite spot in your house!

***I was having trouble finding the award picture.  I explored WP Reader with the search terms “sisterhood award” and found some really great blogs!  I ended up copying the picture from The Perks of Being a Bookworm — hopefully they don’t mind!

Five Thing Friday

  1. balls. balls. balghazi. deflategate. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. cheaters. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. balls. superbowl. asterisk. balls. balls. air pressure. balls. balls. balls.  There, I got that out of my system.  Hopefully the media has, too.  We’re on to Seattle.  Even though I’m a Patriots fan this article from Deadspin was pretty spot on, and here are some other good points from Thought Catalog.
  2. Yes, I get most of my news from and  Throw in Buzzfeed and and there ya go.
  3. I got my first F yesterday.  I’m a straight A student.  And I got a 54 on my first homework in Optimization & Complexity.  Yeah, that class where homework is the whole grade.  Fuck.  Who wants to tutor me in Optimization & Complexity???  I have $!
  4. Honestly, figuring out how to find a tutor for a niche class is really difficult.  I’ve looked before with no luck, and my classes don’t have TA’s.  The university has a tutoring program for undergrad students, but not graduate students.  BLAH.  Sorry, this isn’t even a separate ‘thing’ but I’m a little obsessed with this at the moment. 
  5. TGIF
    17 Awkward Moments That'll Inevitably Happen At Your Office Holiday Party

Parenthood Series Finale – “Live” Blog

I’ve had a shit day, so now I’m enjoying a glass of wine and popcorn with old bay seasoning while I watch the series finale of Parenthood. I don’t tweet, but I wanted to share my immediate thoughts since I’ll forget them in an instant when I’m crying because it’s all over. So here’s my live blogging of the episode. If you don’t watch the show, you probably won’t enjoy reading this. Spoiler alerts ahead…duh. also, this is on my phone and I’m drinking wine, so yeah….typos, please excuse them.

-The actor that plays Max is amazing.
-Julia and Mr. Julia should have done way more counseling before getting back together. But I’m still glad they have. Although her college bf is really hit.
-Asking the dad for the hand in marriage is very outdated. But I still like it. I don’t know how to reconcile that. It feels very unfeminist.
-What’s the rush, Zeke? C’mon. Don’t make me cry in the first minute. You’re doing. That’s what the fucking rush is.
-Amber doesn’t look like she just had a baby…at. all.
-And how did no one tell her that the Luncheonette was closing?!?! Now she’s unemployed with a newborn. Real classy guys. Real classy.
-Crosby’s sad face. Is. Everything. His wife in real life is the cutest. She’s also a badass on House of Lies. Can’t remember her name. Kristen Bell! And Dax Shepherd! I used to have a boss named Dax…
-I don’t like Drew. He’s the one character I don’t like. Eww look at his dirty stache.
-onion goggles!! That’s the best! Slightly less mad about the Luncheonette, now.
-have I been a good father? Here are the real tears.
-Sarah’s dress is pretty, but the gloves look stupid.
-where’s Hatty’s girlfriend?? They only milked the lesbian story line for one episode.
-ahh this is the convo I’ve been hoping for…of course Crosby can run the Luncheonette without Adam.
-I hate Drew’s girlfriend, too.
-is Zeke gonna die at the end? That would be cliche.
-Sarah’s boobs look amazing.
-commercial break- Kay Jewellers open hearts collection…they look like butts.
-back to Parenthood…okay, but Amber likes her apartment. She’s had the baby for an hour, it hasn’t changed her whole life, yet. This is out of character.
-gross. No one wants Drew’s speech. He’s usually an ass. And pretentious. And affected. Blah.
-15 minutes left. Maybe Zeke won’t die after all.
-Can Crosby and Amber get their own show??????
-of course Joel and Julia will adopt the baby. They’re idiots. They did do a good job with Victor though.
-Max is dancing with a girl. Crying again.
-seems like they are wrapping up everybody happily. That’s nice. No, really.
-oh fuck
-of course.
-I like the slow version of the opening song that they’re closing out with.
-oh fuck, she finds chez Marie. This isn’t fair.
-and now there a puppy…And another baby. Wtf. And an ugly bf for Amber. And Ryan!!
-i guess, at least they didn’t end it exactly on his death, but can…it’s fresh.