December Fitness Roundup

Another monthly recap.  I realized now that I’m running, I need to start tracking my mileage, in addition to my steps and minutes of cardio.


  • 273 minutes of cardio [November = 270]
    • I thought for sure I would be lower than November, given my running limitations and lack of any marathon sessions (really – 5K) on the elliptical, but no.  I beat myself my 3 WHOLE MINUTES!  I can celebrate that!!
  • 7 At Home Workouts and 10 Gym trips RUNS! [November = 7, 9]
    • In November I counted gym trips.  In December, I counted runs and they encompass the gym, the treadmill at my PT appointments, and running outside.  And I got in 1 more than last month.  That must be where the extra 3 minutes is coming from!  Haha
    • For January, I’m going to start counting distance as this will be important to monitor to avoid injury.
  • Fitbit
    • Average Daily Steps: 7,648 [November = 7,049] (and this isn’t counting the 2nd half of 12/31 – woohooo)


  • Weight: Still plateaued, but much steadier than November.  You can see I was headed in the right direction before the holidays – remaining consistent around 130 lbs instead of spiking every few days.  Then I succumbed to the holidays.
    • December 2 = 130.6
    • December 31 = 131.4
    • weight


All in all, I exercised more, I ran more, and I walked more.  I just ate like crap, and that’s reflected in my stagnant weight.  January is a new month, a new year, and a new school semester.  The main challenge with my diet will be my trip to Texas.  Not only do I love to eat on vacation, but my sister has struggled with disordered eating, so I really never want to seem the least bit concerned with calories or how much I’m eating.  Obviously that doesn’t prevent me from eating healthy, so really I’m just making excuses! Haha

Goals for January are to track my mileage accurately, increase both the number and duration of my workouts and finally break the 130 lb barrier.