This is the first week of real TV again!  I’m obsessed with TV.  My family has a TV in every room except the bathroom.  I sleep with the TV on.  I’m pumped to watch the following…

  • Parks & Recs is back for it’s final season – so happy and so sad.  “Be the Leslie Knope in everything you do!”
  • The Mindy Project – she speaks my truth
  • Parenthood – it’s also on it’s last season.  “Family drama” doesn’t do this show justice.  It’s so much more important than that.
  • Scandal – This show has gotten completely ridiculous and UGH-inducing, but I still can’t stop watching it.  Fitz and Olivia used to be so fucking hot together.  Now their heavy breathing gives me the heebie jeebies.
  • Downton Abbey – Also, a little ridiculous.  This is no period piece; this is a soap opera.  And a damn good one.
  • Shameless – God bless show time.  This makes me want to live in the projects and do coke all the time.  It’s a fun fuckin ride.
  • Girls – I just got into this show.  You can see yourself (if you’re a millennial girl) in bits and pieces in every character, even if every character annoys you.
  • Married at First Sight – this show is amazing.  Couples put together by experts (clinical psychologist, sociologist, sexologist) and get married literally at first sight.  2 out of 3 couples worked out on the first season, so I’m excited to see all the personality clashes and awkward sexual encounters that the 2nd season has to offer.

I cut The Bachelor from my schedule.  It’s an entertaining show, but I think the farmer guy who’s on this season has zero personality.  That reduction should give me enough time to do my all my homework, right?