Five Thing Friday from Texas

1. The Plano area is all chain restaurants. We usually eat at Texas Roadhouse, which people back home find hilarious. I made one comment joking about how I come all the way to Texas to go Texas Roadhouse, when I could have just driven half an hour. This totally offended my mom, who has been trying to find restaurants to impress me ever since.
2. As her latest attempt, she started telling me all about this restaurant that has the best steak ever. It’s an hour and a half away, but “totally worth it.” It’s Longhorn’s. It was tough to break it to her that we have those and they are not worth an hour and a half drive.
3. Everyone is way beyond shallow. Everyone is constantly talking about weight, what they can do better, and how gross they look. Not a good environment for adolescent girls (my sister). It makes me think more about how I feel about myself. I need to find a way to love my belly rolls, while still trying to get rid of them. Not sure how to do that.
4. There are 3 dogs here. None of them are trained. One of them has farts so bad they clear a room. Which is horrible, unless you also have farts that can clear a room. “Ugh, not the dog again! Gross!”
5. Christmas was good here though. We did get a programmable crock pot. Queue up all those four hour recipes we’ve never been able to make!