Makeup Monday: Sephora Haul

We got in from TX late last night. The trip was both way too long and too short. My little sisters are amazing. They are 14 and (almost) 16, don’t, smart, beautiful, and competitive athletes. The younger one is a gymnast doing two-a-days and online high school. On one hand, their childhood is VERY different from mine. On the other hand, it’s very similar. My BF met them for the first time and definitely bonded. He also got to experience The Crazy. The undiagnosed personality disorder type of Crazy called my mom (probably a little bit of borderline mixed with some narcissism). He now understands The Crazy, and is sad for me and with me, for my sisters.

Moving onto lighter subjects, I had asked for eyeshadow palettes for Christmas, but my mom didn’t get any because she didn’t know what colors to get. Neither do I! I’m indecisive! That’s why I delegated..Lol. needless to say, while I was there, I partook in a bit of retail therapy and will be reviewing these over the next few weeks:

  • Make Up For Ever Artist Palette ($42) — I know I said I was gonna go crazy and get that neon Urban Decay palette, but I didn’t want to waste my money on highlighter orange and cherry red eyeshadow that I might wear once.  A mini palette on sale in those colors might be good, but not the whole shebang for $49.  This Make Up For Ever palette has some bold, practical colors in the rich teal and purple hues.  I’ve also never tried their eyeshadow so it is something totally new for me!
  • Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop ($21) — Expensive for a blush, I know, but I’ve been using bronzer everyday because the only blush I have I have is Cover Girl and it’s in this old lady dusty rose color I hate.  I think I was being practical when I bought it.  Hopefully this berry color really POPS (hahahahaha, see what I did there?  with the pun?  ohmygodI’mSOsorryI’mWAYovertired)
  • Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry (100 points) — SAMPLE TIME!  Now that my hair is getting longer, I need to find the right products that keep it from being super static-y without getting oily.  B&B served me well with short hair, so I’m excited to try this for free on my long hair.
  • Skin Care Sample Bag (CODE: REFRESHER) — No idea what’s inside this, but I have dry skin, oily skin, acne prone skin, blackheads, red spots, etc.  You name it, I got it.  But none of it is really bad enough to warrant major intervention, so I’m just excited to try some new things.  I never really want to buy anything too expensive for skincare, because you REALLY never know if it’s gonna work.
  • 3 SAMPLES (my favorite thing about ordering from Sephora online):
    • Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder – I already own this and love it, so getting some for free just means I won’t have to buy any for quite a while.
    • Yu Be Moisturizing Body Lotion – All lotion will go to use in -5 degree weather, though I don’t think I would every spend more than $10 on a general body lotion and this one’s regular price is $29.
    • Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight – Another skin care item and another expensive item that I’ll never buy, but still excited to try out!

Everything gets here Thursday, so I’ll start reviewing ASAP!  And now back to catching up at work.  I’ll be less manic tomorrow.  Promise.


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