Workout Wednesday 1/14

I didn’t get in the two runs I planned for while I was in Texas.  Partially due to laziness, partially due to injury.  The one day I did run, I slipped on ice on their street just as I was starting my run.  Damn Texans aren’t used to 17 degree weather and forget to turn off their sprinklers.  UGH.  I hit my knee and hip and my shoulder, but I rubbed some dirt on it and walked ran it off.  It actually hurt me more than I realized at the time.  Look out for ice!!  That fall also made me forgo running outside today because the weather prediction for 5AM was 14 degrees and a little snowy.  I shredded it with weights with Jillian Michaels instead!

My mileage this week was 4.29 miles.  Last week, it was 4.37.  Which all means that I can definitely step it up to 5-ish.  I just need to remember that, right now at least, it’s not about distance.  It’s about the amount of time I’m running.  I was on Stage II of Phase III: Walk/Jog Progression of the Return to Running plan (hereby dubbed R2R).  Since I did get up to 30 full minutes with the 4:2 walk to run ratio, I tried out the next Stage at the gym on Monday, which is 3 minutes walking to 3 minutes running.  It was definitely more challenging and my hip hurts (I fucking hate the treadmill).

Yesterday morning, I had very little time in between folding laundry and prepping the crock pot with this super easy salsa verde chicken, so I did about half of these body weight exercises from Buzzfeed – The Only 12 Exercises You Need to Get in Shape.  For the record, I am totally obsessed with Buzzfeed.  Next week’s goal is preparing my lunches and they posted these great recipes: 24 Easy Healthy Recipes to Bring to Work.

Thursday 1/8 PT + Run  Outdoor run, 1.95 miles, 23:47 minutes
Friday 1/9 PT
Saturday 1/10 PT
Sunday 1/11 PT
Monday 1/12 PT + Gym Treadmill, 2.34 miles, 30 minutes
Tuesday 1/13 PT + Home Workout Body weight exercises, 10 each of #1-7
Wednesday 1/14 PT + DVD Shred It w/Weights

Given that I was away for 4 of the 7 days, that’s not too bad!  I’m still at only 2 consecutive pull ups.

This week will be tough.  Before my classes were once a week for 3 1/2 hours each.  This semester they’re both twice a week.  Same amount of time, but it throws off my schedule.  I feel the same about exercising if I get out of class at 7:30 or 9:30 – I don’t want to do it.  My work schedule is also adjusted so that I’m working 3 long days to accommodate an earlier class.  All this adds up to – I do not get home by 5:30 any night of the week.  Some nights 6:30pm is possible, but most will be closer to 8pm.  This is going to wreak havoc on my diet and exercise…and sanity.

Here’s my ambitious goals for this week.  Usually I try to keep it very attainable, but I want to push myself before I totally get overwhelmed with work.

Thursday 1/15 PT + DVD Gonna try the 30 Day Shred again, even though it involves a LOT of cardio that will be very loud at 6AM.
Friday 1/16 PT + Gym 30 minutes at Stage III and Pull Ups/Dips
Saturday 1/17 PT + DVD Let’s try for 6 week 6 pack!  I did do it once last week and I have a lot of TV to catch up on, so that sounds like a win/win.
Sunday 1/18 PT PATRIOTS GAME – Nothing is happening this day (homework be damned) except football and beer.
Monday 1/19 PT + Gym 30 minutes at Stage III and Pull Ups/Dips
Tuesday 1/20 PT + Home Workout Can I decide on this later??
Wednesday 1/21 PT + PT Appt My PT appointment is at 7:30 AM.  I’ll probably run while I’m there and there is no way I’m doing anything else that morning.