Bad Food is So Good…and now I feel bad for eating it

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately.  Some days, I just have more time than others.  And I foresee some days in the future with no time.  I’m going to get better about scheduling posts, instead of posting twice in the same day and then none in other days.


It’s just that once I find something I want to say, I want to say it right away.  And rhyme, apparently. Moving on.

Today is a day of self improvement.  Earlier I waxed poetic about shopping and spending money.  Now I’m on to eating better food.

***Side note: It’s exhausting always trying to improve, isn’t it?  Is it a good thing to always strive for improvement, or totally demoralizing that nothing is ever good enough?  For me it depends on the day.  I don’t think I could ever be complacent, but I need to balance that with celebrating ME.  Just me.  Not my accomplishments or improvements.  Just me, as I am, right now, today.  Well, maybe Sunday, when I already don’t plan on exercising or eating well.  LOL

I got back from Texas on Sunday night and fully intended to start off my new year Monday with exercising and eating right.  I’ve actually been killing it with the exercising bit.

Eating right has its struggles.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a kale, protein powder, chia seed, smoothie, overnight oatmeal type of person.  There’s nothing wrong with being that type of person.  I just think I’d be miserable.

Monday started with a Luna bar for breakfast and ended with frozen veggies and rice and beans for dinner.  Those are pretty damn healthy meals.  Monday also had a fully catered staff retreat at lunch that included a lemon bar, gingerbread cookie, brownie, and a sugar cookie.  Those are just the desserts that I ate.  There were more!

Tuesday followed a similar pattern.  Luna Bar, Quinoa Salad, Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice Burrito, Cashews.  All good.  On target for meeting my calorie goals.  Then I ate a chocolate reindeer in bed (as I proofread this post, this sounded very funny…if you have a gross, dirty, disgusting mind like I do…so I wanted to clarify that it was candy that I got in my Christmas stocking, much like the hollow chocolate bunnies you get at Easter).  Oi vey.

Wednesday didn’t even start off on the right foot.  Dunkin Donuts Bacon, Egg and Cheese Croissant for breakfast.  Was planning on a salad for lunch until my coworkers were walking to Lilly’s Gourmet Pasta…



It’s amazing homemade pasta with amazing sauces.  I got the fusili with a squash and sage sauce and added peas for good measure.  It was expensive AND a lot of calories – DOUBLE NO!  Wednesday was shot.

BUT, last night, I was determined to redeem myself.  So, I stopped at the grocery store, even though I worked until 7pm, and got sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and squash and roasted those up with some cumin, salt and pepper, so that TODAY I can finally eat really really healthy.  Especially because I’m eating breakfast, lunch and dinner all at my desk at work.  Fuck long days.  But this does make it better:



I need to not sabotage myself before I go to bed.  Chocolate reindeer, buttered popcorn, Ghiradelli squares…yum yum and yum.  I can barely help myself.  BUT I can help myself.  When I was at my mom’s house they had these crackers called nut thins (insert adolescent giggling here – thin nuts are weird).  Essentially crackers made of ground almonds or pecans.  You can eat 16 crackers for ~130 calories.  I’m going to try to shift my late night snacking to this somewhat better, but still crunchy and salty and I-can-eat-a-lot-of-them alternative.  That’s step 1.  Step 2 will be foregoing the snacks altogether, but let’s not rush things.


8 thoughts on “Bad Food is So Good…and now I feel bad for eating it

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  2. I love food soooo much..ugh. HA. I actually eat really clean, and don’t eat 90% of the typical American foods, but I eat A LOT and that’s my downfall. I definitely have to watch myself at times…or all the time.

  3. Gosh, I feel ya!! Some days it’s just harder to eat “all” things healthy and in the end I end up eating even more junk the next day! I remember those nut thins from when I lived in the US, they’re pretty good! I think it’s easier when we take the pressure off ourselves and just eat what feels right for that day! I usually snack on popcorn, feel like I can eat a fair amount before it gets unhealthy!

    • Popcorn’s a good one – I need to stock up. Right now the only version I have in the house is the BF’s super butter movie theatre heart attack kind haha

  4. Good luck tonight! Haha! I love that you said it’s exhausting always trying to improve. That’s the way I felt the whole month of December. By the end, I didn’t even want to look at the gym haha!

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