So Many Shopping Sprees

First it was a bunch of running stuff at TJMaxx, my favorite place for exercise clothing and all things random. Then a raincoat and sweater from Target when I went in for shampoo and conditioner. Then my Sephora haul. Then $130 at Marshall’s last night.

Retail Therapy is definitely a thing, and totally worth doing in small amounts. I also suffer from the opposite phenomenon, Celebration Shopping (sorry I couldn’t come up with a catchier name). Whenever something good happens at work, I finish a class, something good happens to the BF, I lose weight, I see a rainbow, there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I meet a Leprechaun at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, … you get the idea … I go shopping to celebrate! Last month I got a promotion, which came with a pretty significant raise. Awesome, time to celebrate! And I can because I deserve it and I have the money to! Woohoo!

Sounds good, right? Well, let’s back it up. The raise is just going through this week, so I’ve been spending money I don’t have, yet. With that raise, I’m (gladly) going to start paying more in rent (we split it loosely as a percentage of income), I have significant student loans going back into repayment shortly (when I say significant, I’m talking a mortgage…for a house in a city…but with no house), and speaking of houses, I’d like one someday, in the city (a nice 2-bedroom condo outside of Boston costs $550,000 to give you an idea). All of these things add up to the fact that I should not be blowing money for every good or bad thing that happens to me, unless I find a way to just live life in the middle, steady, no ups or downs…but that’s not how I roll. So, I’m cutting myself of, now. I think I’ve got it all out of my system. See? Look at all the cool stuff I bought!!

  • My running stuff from pre-Christmas is what started this all off.  The pants are still amazing, except they have a small hole, but that’s what I get for paying $17 for something that people normally spend $50-100 on.  Motion control running shoes are stiff and heavy and suck.  But I’m not injured.
  • SEPHORA!  This came in yesterday.  Reviews to follow.  SO MANY FACE WASHES!  I’ll be using and reviewing one at a time, as I HATE when sample packets get dry and crusty.  This blush is the BEST!
  • I found this raincoat at Target on sale for $25 and for some reason I never find raincoats with hoods (what the fuck people?  obviously I want to cover my head when it’s raining!  why else would I need a raincoat?), so I had to buy it.  Along with this black, very practical cardigan that was on sale for $10 (Target has a million cardigans on sale, not sure if that’s the exact one, but it’s about the same).  I may buy way too many things, but at least I’m a good bargain hunter!
  • Then, last night I went to Marshall’s.  This was mostly an altruistic endeavor.  My little sister just started Track & Field.  I got to go to her pole vaulting competition and she’s super adorable and talented and got her PR of 9 feet while I was there.  She was also very jealous of my cold weather running gear.  They don’t have that in Texas.  It’s very difficult to find inexpensive parkas, ski stuff, running tights, under armor, etc.  We have tons of it here, so I’m shipping her birthday present early.  I ended up spending about $80 on 2 pairs of running tights, 1 long sleeve moisture wicking shirt that was fuzzy on the inside, and 1 performance layer sweatshirt.  I think she’s going to be very excited.  I also found these Cole Haan shoes for myself!!  In the right size no less (reference my last Cole Haan shoe debacle).  They are ridiculously high, but pretty comfortable, considering.  I paid $52 and they’re on Overstock for $119!
    heelsThe end.  No more shopping for me!