Five Thing Friday

  1. Being stressed with school makes me cranky.  Which makes me annoyed at everyone.  One of my major pet peeves is when people don’t remove the thread that is supposed to temporarily hold closed a pleat or slit on a skirt or suit jacket or wool coat.  It’s there to keep things neat during shipping and hanging on store racks, but when you leave it there, especially on a coat, it makes it bunch up around your butt and look stupid.  I googled this to try to find pictures, but I’m obviously not describing it very well, nor do I know what to properly call it.  Then I stumbled upon this blog post from someone who is as annoyed by this as I am.  Hallelujah!
  2. Open toed boots are another thing that really gets my goat (bahaha no one says this anymore).
    Open toe leather lace-up tall boots

    These would be so cute…if they covered your toes.

    They are a clothing oxymoron.  They are an abomination.  WHY on Earth do you want your toes out if it’s cold enough to wear boots?!  Boots are worn to be warm and stylish.  They are the winter alternative to heels.  Are your toes that sexy that they need to be shown?  Why, yes, they are.  I’ll opt to cover my whole calf and expose my big toe and the 2nd biggest toe.  Yum.  BARF.  Buy real boots.

  3. I had every intention of going for a run outside today.  I enjoy it much more than the treadmill AND I’d be able to come home right after class.  Alas, walking home yesterday the streets were slushy and I was sliding around everywhere, which probably froze overnight and would result in more bruises on my legs.  So, I’m packing up my bag and heading to the gym after work, school and homework.  Sacrificing another Friday night to bettering myself.  Woe is me.
  4. I don’t get primer.  Like, I understand the point of it and it totally works in the form of a base coat of paint or nail polish, but on my face?  I just don’t see the difference.  I’ve tried a few different ones.  Right now I have the sample of Smashbox Photo Finish ($36) and I just don’t see any improvement.  The only time I’ve noticed anything is when I use the NYX Pore Filler it looks better in pictures, but in person there’s no difference (and the picture thing might be a placebo effect).  It all just seems like an extra step, an extra layer of stuff to put on your skin, and extra money.  Maybe it’s because I don’t use that much foundation?  I dunno.
  5. It has been a long week and I still have one more class to go.  My dad and his fiance were supposed to visit tomorrow.  She booked a hotel and everything.  And I was supposed to take them out to dinner and give my dad his Christmas present, a flight of Don Julio tequila.  This is all a big deal because he NEVER leaves our home town even though I’m only 45 minutes away.  Then he had to go and fall on ice, break his ankle, and get surgery.  He’ll do anything not to come into Boston.  (He’s fine, so I can be mad about it, now…trust me).  Now there’s a nonrefundable hotel room available 2 blocks from our house.  Blah.