Signing up for a race…maybe?

My friend sent out a mass email today with the subject line ATHLETE! asking if people wanted to join him in a few different races. One was a duathlon – running and cycling. I’ve ridden a bike once in the last 15 years, so that’s out. Plus, most of my gut friends are the type of people that can pick up and ride a 2 day, 150 mile race with very little training. Basically, they suck and are super annoying, and everything is hard for me.

The other race he sent us in July and had 5k, 10k and half marathon options, so I replied that I was in, probably for the 10k. Remember, I’m on run/walk intervals right now. 6 miles is pretty far away for me. Regardless, I’m pretty excited because this was one of my resolutions and it will be much easier with someone else than alone…I think. I’ve never really run with anyone.

Then he replies that he’s signed up for the half which is on a Sunday. Meanwhile the 5k and 10k are on Saturday. Ugh. Why’d you even give those as options? Please note that this race is driving distance. No need to stay over for the weekend (in that case even doing it on different days would still be sort of “together”).

Based on the various advice and free training plans out there, if I’ve fully “returned to running” by March, a half marathon in July is feasible. Possible, but terrifying. Especially given my proclivity for injury. I have my last PT appointment next Wednesday, so I’ll see what she has to say about it. And I’ll look for lighter shoes because these feel so much like cement blocks on my feet that I’m avoiding the paths by the river*.

*This is a terrible joke. I’m tired.


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