Tata Harper Cleanser Review

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser ($38)

This was one of the samples in the Sephora Refresher sample pack.  There’s a ton of face washes.  I do wish the sample pack was more varied.  It’s all cleansers and masks.  I assumed there would be moisturizer and eye cream, too.  Oh well.  I’ll use each all the way through and review upon completion.

Anyway, this cleanser boasts “11 High Performance Ingredients” including grapefruit to brighten, pomegranate enzymes to treat blackheads, pink clay for pores, apricot seeds to exfoliate, and willow bark for glowing skin (I’m paraphrasing the marketing).  No chemicals.

It smells really good if you like citrus and oranges.  I don’t particularly, but it is fresh and clean smelling.  The consistency is creamy and with very small, fine exfoliators (the apricot seed powder, I assume).  It leaves my skin feeling fresh, but not over-scrubbed.  Clean and tight, but not dry (damn, I’m good at dirty jokes).  I really like it.  I don’t think I would ever pay more than $15 for a face wash, but maybe someday…  In the meantime, I’ll live off samples.


Additionally, I forgot to tell you that I got new makeup brushes for Christmas.  This little cheap set from Sephora ($22).  I’ve always been partial to sponge applicators.  I feel like I have more control.  But, I had only ever used some makeup brushes from a cheap dollar store or Walgreens set.  They work well enough for applying the base and highlight, but not good at color and contours.  I think, now that I’ve used these brushes, albeit clumsily, I will really like them.




I was having a good hair AND makeup day (the brushes?), so I figured I’d include a picture!