Workout Wednesday 1/21

Saturday, I was supposed to do a Jillian Michael’s DVD, but I pulled an audible* and just spent 20 minutes stretching.  My hamstrings were tight from 2 days in a row of DVD workouts and a run on the 3rd day.

It has become VERY clear that I need to do my workout in the morning.  Not doing it in the morning is what resulted in me completing two thirds of a workout on Tuesday.  Parks & Rec was over and I wanted to eat pretzels and guacamole and get in the shower.  So I “finished” my work out early.

I graduated from physical therapy today and she didn’t even make me run in my appointment, so I’m not getting any exercise this Wednesday and I don’t care.  (It’s been a stressful week – sorry!)


  •  Pull Ups = 3 in a row!  [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Cardio = 5.18 miles, 60 minutes, 2 runs
  • Workouts = 2
Thursday 1/15 PT + DVD 30 Day Shred
Friday 1/16 Gym 30 minutes, 2.41 miles on the treadmill and 2×10 Pull Ups/Dips, but I ran out of time for PT
Saturday 1/17 PT + stretching Yoga for Runner’s Sequence
Sunday 1/18 PT
Monday 1/19 PT + Run 30 minutes, 2.77 miles outside
Tuesday 1/20 PT + Home Workout About 2/3 of 6 week 6 pack
Wednesday 1/21 PT + PT Appt




Thursday 1/22 PT + DVD 30 Day Shred
Friday 1/23 PT + Run Weather looks good.  No rain, no snow = no chance of falling.  Except when I trip over my own feet!  I just went back and looked at all the routes I had mapped last year as I was increasing 10% every 3rd run (this is was too fast – gotta do 10% increase on the whole week and do an easy, cut back week every 4th week), and found a nice 2.8 mile one.
Saturday 1/24 PT + Workout DVD’s get old quick and I need something do, so I looked to my Pinterest page for some ideas on new workouts.  I’m going to try this Jen Selter one.
Sunday 1/25 PT REST [homework] DAY
Monday 1/26 PT + Gym 30 minutes at Stage III and Pull Ups/Dips
Tuesday 1/27 PT + DVD Let’s go back to Yoga Meltdown…not that it really gets in a good stretch, but it’ll be something different.
Wednesday 1/28 PT + Gym 30 minutes at Stage III, 15 minutes cross train (elliptical, bike, something)

*Adding this footnote, in case you do not know what ‘pull an audible’ means.  In football, it means reading the defense and changing the play at the line of scrimmage because you see them lined up in such a way that you don’t think the original play call will work.