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  1. I discovered an amazing thing in My Fitness Pal yesterday.  If you go to the recipes tab, you can copy/paste the URL of the website that has the recipe and it will match all the ingredients and give you calories per serving.  I put in this one pot sausage pasta from Damn Delicious and it found everything immediately and accurately.  The only thing I adjusted was the servings.  It put in 4, but I only ate 1/6th of the recipe.  In the past, every time I’ve made a recipe, I’ve input all the ingredients and saved as a meal.  Then, logged 1/6th of the whole meal.  It’s been tedious and time consuming, but more accurate than just entering something similar that someone else has logged.  This recipe thing is awesome!
  2. I did this this morning – hell yes!
    2014-01-23 Run
  3. Despite that excitement, I need to keep my outside runs easy ones, since I’m not even supposed to be training outside right now.  This run was more than I’ve done on a treadmill, yet, so it wasn’t smart to push it that far outside.  It’s also pitch black out and I had to walk entire sections of sidewalk because there are bricks missing, slants, tree roots… It’s essentially trail running in the city.
  4. Right after I said that I had to stop snacking, I found 2 new delicious snacks to pad all my daily calories – hooray…whomp whomp.  First of all, Nut Thins with Nutella is amazingly delicious and at least healthier than anything else I would normally put with Nutella (gingerbread cookies!).  Then, we had guacamole in the fridge because we forgot to bring to our friends house to watch football last weekend, but we had no chips because we did remember those.  So, I dipped with pretzels and had an epiphany.  The pretzels I had were saltier than tortilla chips and they pick up thick guacamole in their holes better than chips do.  TRY THIS!
  5. Keeping on the food theme, I stopped at the fancy, local coffee shop this morning for coffee and a bagel cucumber egg sandwich (it’s one of their specials and it at least feels healthy) and restrained myself from buying any of their amazing latte and chai drinks.  How adorable is this sign??  I want pumpkin chai so bad right now, but I have pumpkin chai tea at home and I’m just going to have to be patient.

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