Pacing Myself

Not literally pacing myself, as in half marathon training, but pacing myself as in taking it slow with half marathon training.  I’m really excited to start and I want to jump in and start mapping out 10 mile routes around my apartment.

I’m not even at 3 miles, yet, let alone 10.  But I’ve been reading every article I come across about race training, fueling, shoe reviews, workouts, etc. etc.

The other day I wrote a post about all the ridiculous questions that wouldn’t stop running through my head and that helped to get them to stop.  So, now I’ve started a Google document to keep track of all the tips I’m reading, but don’t need to use, yet.  I had bookmarked 10+ running articles, some with contradicting information, some with one relevant sentence in the middle of a 3 page article…you get the idea.  I went through all these and copied or paraphrased the the information that I think I’ll use and deleted the bookmarks.

Now, I feel calmer because I have one place to look at when I start freaking out about something and I know I’ve looked it up before.  I have a section for the motion control models of shoes for all my favorite brands, a section on fueling advice and types of fuel (now I know that it’s spelled Gu, not goo), race day times, training tips, post race tips.  It will definitely flesh out more as I go, and I’m glad to have a repository of information if for nothing else, just to get me out of my head.