Makeup Monday – Sephora Outrageous Curl & Gel Manicures

I’ve been itching to try a new mascara even though I have FOUR in rotation right now, so I went back to my LashStash box to review the next one = Sephora Outrageous Curl ($15).  This is affordable and I’ve used Sephora mascaras I’ve liked before.  This particular one has a very weird brush.  It’s one of the rubber brushes, but the spiky bristles are more like little nubs, so they don’t really separate, and even tend to clump.



It’s not lengthening or even really volumizing (unless you could clumping as volumizing), but it does seem to hold the curl and, since I have long lashes, it looks pretty nice.

In other news, I got a gel manicure kit for Christmas.  I’ve tried it twice and I do not think I’ll be making it a regular thing.  You have to be able to put on nail polish perfectly, including the clear base coat.  Once it gets on your skin and cures, it’s stuck there and it looks terrible.  The polish also isn’t as viscous as regular nail polish, so it spreads and pools while you’re  doing your other nails.  This could be avoided by “curing” one nail at a time under the LED lights, but that ups your risk of cancer (what doesn’t these days?) and would take forever.  It also left my nails in a terrible state when I took off the polish AND new colors are at least $2 more expensive than regular polish.  I’m over it.



It’s bad. It’s really bad.



7 thoughts on “Makeup Monday – Sephora Outrageous Curl & Gel Manicures

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  2. Oh god, thanks for this, I am so not made for gel manicures in that case!
    I’m wearing 2 sephora mascaras right now – I bought the curl one last time because I have long lashes and could use the curl but found it just wasn’t enough so i’m doubling up and not that pleased about it. Please someone give me the name of the best mascara and let’s call it a day already!

    • Based on the many reviews I’ve read ( and written), there is no best. Some that I hate, others LOVE. If I’m recommending, I like most Clinique ones, and make up for ever.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I painted my nails. I don’t like to anyway, but I also work a job that we can’t have them painted sooo…it’s a win I guess? HA.

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