Five Thing Friday – Music, Weekend, Midterms OH MY

  1. Thank you all for the nice comments and recovery wishes. It really means a lot when you feel like everything is going wrong.  This whole thing has been extremely frustrating, because I feel like I’m in limbo. Not hurt enough to warrant actual diagnosis or treatment, but still in pain everyday. And, fatalistic as it might sound, EVERY time I make progress running, I get hurt. I know that this probably wasn’t from running, but I can throw any progress I made out the window.  Okay, that was my one pity party of the day.
  2. I’ve been breaking out like crazy this week, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite concealers.  I don’t usually wear any face make up besides under my eyes, but when I’m all red and bumpy, it’s necessary.  If it’s real bad, I start with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($34).  This is so thick, I find it hard to apply and only use it when my skin is at it’s absolute worst.  I cover it with my usual Nars Foundation ($38).  THEN comes one of my favorite products: Everyday Minerals Concealer ($9).  I never thought a powder could conceal so well, but it does and it blends and it doesn’t come off.  Bare Minerals makes my skin really itchy, but this stuff just works.  And it’s cheaper!
  3. Tomorrow we’re headed to Long Island for the BF’s dad’s 60th Birthday Party.  It’s a big surprise party, so we aren’t leaving until noon-ish.  As we were talking about things we could do on the way, I keep suggesting Momofuku Milk Bar.  If you haven’t heard of it, they are the home of Crack Pie, they have a ton of locations in NYC and Canada, and a very successful cookbook.  Seriously, everything looks amazing.  I want the FrankenPie and the Compost Cookies. Franken Pie with Caramel Apple
  4. However, I changed my mind and opted NOT to add an hour to our travels, since, ya know I’m not eating dessert right now AND, oh yeah, I have homework and a midterm to do.  School is stressing me out right now.  Without desserts I’ve been eating a LOT of salty snacks.  EIGHT WEEKS LEFT
  5. I am making time to go out tonight, though! I’ll be dragging my club foot out to see the Mallett Brothers Band.  A couple of our friends grew up in the same town in Maine and turned us on to them.  So fun to see live!

Workout Wednesday 2/25

This week was a bust due to injury, so no daily recap.  I have started brainstorming some of the exercises that I can do with the boot.  And I also mapped out a half marathon training plan that doesn’t start until April.  I was supposed to start the first week of March, but that’s not happening with whatever foot injury I have.  Actually mapping out a plan that starts a month later gave me hope that it will be possible.


  • Pull Ups = 4   [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Cardio = 0 cardio, [Last week: 7.66 Miles, 90 minutes, 3 Runs]
  • Workouts = 2
  • Physical Therapy Exercises = 0


  • Tuesday 2/24 – BOOT WORKOUT 1
    • Pull Ups – 5
    • Modified Push Ups – 10
    • Sit Ups – 15
    • Oblique Sit Ups – 15 ea. side
    • Donkey Kicks – 15 ea. side
    • Fire Hydrants – 15 ea. side


My only goal is to heal.

While healing, I can do 8 of the 12 exercises from 15 Minute Abs.  I can also do 15 of the 17 Exercises for Toned Arms.  Add in some Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, and my hip exercises with the PT resistance bands, and hopefully I’ll stay in shape?  (whatever shape this is…)

God, I just want to run.

FUTURE HOPEFUL HALF MARATHON TRAINING PLAN 🙂  (i.e. keeping the glass half full!)

HalfMarathonTrainingThis is not a suggested training plan and has no actual knowledge behind it!  Most training plans I found required running 4-5 times per week.  I know that will result in an injury for me, so I kept most of the distances, but kept it at 3-4 times per week.  The Thursday run is a short, easy filler run that I can skip if I’m feeling on the fence about my foot/ankle/tendon/whatever else hurts.

I need to remain flexible and not pressure myself to stick to this exactly, because it’s all going to depend on how my body feels.  The one thing I need to believe (which I don’t, yet) is that I can run 13.1 miles.  Without enough training, it will hurt and it won’t be pretty and I’ll probably hurt myself, but it’s one day and I can do it.  If I’m able to complete the proper training, it will be easier.  Either way, I can finish it.

*It feels very silly to say all this while I’m limping in a boot.  But, it is 5 months away.  I can do it.


I Went to the Doctor


Yesterday morning when I got to work I began the harrowing journey that got me into this walking boot.  I work at a hospital, so I don’t need a referral to see a specialist.  I could have called the Foot and Ankle Division of Orthopedics or the Podiatry division directly, but I wanted to see someone ASAP, so I called the main number assuming they would have the most information on available appointments.  Instead, they told me to call the doctor that I had seen previously (for my post tib tendinitis) because I’d have better luck getting an appointment.

The orthopedist I had previously seen is in the Foot and Ankle division, along with 2 other orthopedists.  This division is primarily located off-site and they rotate between 4 different locations.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment on the main campus (where I work) for over a week, and I would have to hobble over to the shuttle to our satellite location.  I believe my exact words were, “So, there’s NO ONE at the HOSPITAL that can LOOK at my FOOT?”

I was told I could go to the ER.  What a nightmare.  Commence my hobbling to the shuttle.

I got there early for my x-rays, which made me 10 minutes early for my appointment.  They brought me right in, had me take off my sock and shoe, and wait for the doctor.  30 minutes later, I decided to put my sock back on – it was cold!  25 minutes after that, the doctor finally showed up and proceeded to give me ~4 minutes of his time.

Nothing bad showed up in the x-ray, but he was able to feel a spot on my foot that made me start crying (it wasn’t all hypochondria; I didn’t make it up!).  He doesn’t know what it is, but felt that an MRI would be “overkill” at this point.

So…I’m in this fabulous walking boot for 1 week, then a regular OTC ankle brace for 1 week, then a follow up meeting.  If it still hurts then, I’ll get an MRI to see if it’s one of the really deep bones inside the ankle that you can’t see in an x-ray.

Today, it’s on my TO DO list to come up with some non-standing workouts because I’ve done nothing in a week!!

Make Up Monday – Powder Blue

Between the white snow EVERYWHERE and the necessity of bundling up beyond recognition to weather this weather, I was feeling like something soft, but impactful.  This brought me to the baby blues of the 80’s.  I will never forget in the movie My Girl when Vera learns how to apply this gaudy, bright baby blue eyeshadow.  It’s hideous.  This is an updated homage, if you will.
IMG_0631 IMG_0632

What I Used & How

White shadow base from this Cover Girl Palette ($6).  It’s not a true white.  It has a slight bluish-green tinge to it, which made it the perfect under brow highlight and base to complement the blue shadow.

Powder blue shade called Escape from the Stila Fabulous in Fiji travel palette ($10).  These shadows are very loose and powdery.  I had to blow off the excess to avoid blue all over my face.  They are very pretty colors, though.  This goes on very soft and can be layered for more color, but not much.  If you layer it over the silver in the same palette it gets to be a very icy blue.

Black Ebony eyeliner by Lancome ($26) (possibly my favorite black eyeliner!), covered with a line of L’Oreal eyeshadow ($4) in Midnight Blue.  This shadow I bought on clearance and it is truly a shitty eye shadow.  However, it’s a gorgeous color and works perfectly when applied with an angled brush over eye liner.

Topped off with Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara (previously reviewed here).  I only did one eye’s mascara, so that you can see the difference.  Given that I did curl my lashes, this did not really hold a curl and clumped them together a little bit.