It’s just snow!

As I’m sure everyone (in the U.S. at least) knows, Boston has a shit ton of snow. Each sidewalk is flanked with 4 feet on each side. Visibility for pedestrians and drivers alike is terrible. The trains have been delayed. The buses are full. Streets are completely gridlocked. (Albeit some of it was due to the Patriots parade — FUCK YES!! I can’t wait until Gronk gets an announcing gig after he retires ūüėõ )

Anyway, the snow sucks and there’s a lot of it.

I have grandparents in Oregon who I haven’t seen in many years, but we keep in touch via email. ¬†They live a mile away from their closest neighbor, 3 hours from an airport, and own snowshoes to get around in the winter. ¬†They are the last people I expected to get the following email from:

We have been thinking about you and your weather.  We are very concerned.  We know you are probably use to it but accidents happen and you can do nothing about it.

I am dumbfounded. ¬†It’s just snow. ¬†I don’t get tornadoes or avalanches. ¬†Sure, the power goes out, but that’s what hotels and school and work are for. ¬†Driving might be a little dangerous, but I don’t even own a car. ¬†I literally replied with, “I’m not sure what you’re specifically concerned about, but it’s fine here – just a lot of shoveling!”

It’s just snow. ¬†It comes ever winter. ¬†I know that accidents happen. ¬†That’s true all the time. ¬†Can everyone stop freaking out about something that happens repeatedly on an annual basis, and just deal with it??


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  1. My pal here in CA is at a professional card tournament in DC this weekend, and he has been texting me complaining about Maryland’s weather and how it is an arctic wasteland, haha.

    It’s not even snowing there he has just never been in freezing temperatures. CA literally entire life.

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