Workout Wednesday 2/11

I was reviewing my Workout Wednesday posts to decide how long I can run if I’m able to get in a 3rd run this week.  A 3rd gym day (which I’ve been trying to do for over a month) would increase my mileage by 50%, but it should only increase by 10% per week.  The 10% rule is more relaxed since I’m running under 10 miles per week.  Long story short, I realized that last week I told you I did Pull Ups and Sit Ups at X lbs resistance.  Then I copy/pasted that into the goals for this week.  Obviously I meant Pull Ups and Dips.  I’ve since corrected it…after frantically going into every Workout Wednesday post to figure out how long I’ve been an idiot for.  Just 1 week was the answer.

Anyway, work outs this week were good.  On Saturday, a day I usually have zero motivation, I started with a workout from Runner’s World.  It was designed for when you’re traveling, so it was quick and it felt pretty easy.  Instead of stopping there, I threw in 15 minute abs.  Fast forward to Sunday, my ass, my thighs, and my lower abs hurt so much I couldn’t sit down properly.  I basically fell onto the couch.  The 2 “easy” workouts were obviously overdue.

Sorry this post is SO late today.  I went to the gym after work and spent 10 minutes on random cardio equipment spying on the treadmills.  There’s always a bevy of biddy vultures waiting for the treadmills when it’s busy.  I refuse to be one of them!  So, I pretend to be enjoying the stationary bike.  Haha.  If this snow continues (and it’s supposed to), I need those spiky contraptions to put on my sneakers because I do NOT like being stuck inside.


  • Pull Ups = 4…and a half!  Seriously, that 5th one is killing me.  How I’ll ever get to 10 I don’t know.  In good news, 4 in a row feels easier than it ever has! [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Cardio = 6.22 Miles, 88 Minutes, 3 Runs [Last week: 5.61 mi., 77 min., 2 runs]
  • Workouts = 5 [Last week: 4]
Thursday 2/5 PT + Gym 32 min, 2.66 mi, 3×10 Pull Ups & Dips at 50, 60, and 70 lbs assistance
Friday 2/6
Saturday 2/7 PT + Workout Runner’s Strength Workout and 15 Min Abs
Sunday 2/8 Gym 26 min, 1.94 miles, 1×10 Pull Ups & Dips at 40 lbs assistance
Monday 2/9 Shoveling… That’s gotta count for something!
Tuesday 2/10 PT + Workout 1×15 of 12 Exercises 
Wednesday 2/11 PT + Gym 5 min. elliptical, 5 min. bike, 20 min. treadmill, 1.62 miles, 1×10 Pull Ups & Dips at 50 lbs assistance


My big goal this week is to do something every day.  My secondary goal this week is to do 30 Day Shred twice in the week.  I know I’m making progress in strength and stamina overall, but I don’t make progress on any particular video or workout (besides running) because I don’t do them with any consistency.  30 Day Shred has the most cardio of any of the Jillian Michael’s videos, so in an effort to cross strain and strength train, I think it’s the best one to focus on…for now.

Thursday 2/12 PT + Workout 15 Minute Abs
Friday 2/13 PT + Gym 30 minutes at 1.5 min walk:4.5 min run + Pull Ups and Dips — I know, I’m boring and predictable.
Saturday 2/14 PT + Workout 30 Day Shred
Sunday 2/15 PT + Workout Yoga?
Monday 2/16 PT + Gym 30 minutes at 2:4 walk/run + 2×10 Pull Ups and Dips at 50 lbs assistance
Tuesday 2/17 PT + Gym 30 minutes at 1:5 walk/run
Wednesday 2/18 PT + Workout 30 Day Shred