Valentine’s Day & Anniversaries

The BF’s birthday is 2 weeks before mine in the fall. Then there’s Christmas. Actually, there are endless Christmas’s. His family. My family – dad’s side. My family – mom’s side. Then our very own Christmas (this one was my favorite!). THEN there’s our anniversary at the beginning of February. THEN there’s Valentine’s Day. This would be an endless back and forth of gift giving.

But…we don’t do gifts. We do for birthdays – that’s pretty much it. At Christmas, we do stocking stuffers and a weekend getaway if we have the money (just stocking stuffers, if we want to save).

On date nights, we always split the costs evenly (we use for all couple expenses – rent, utilities, groceries, restaurants, etc.). When it comes to our anniversary and Valentine’s Day, it’s not gifts we want. It’s experiences. Ones planned and paid for by the other person. We want to be treated.

So, he plans the anniversary and I plan Valentine’s Day and it’s a big surprise date. We give each other the dress code ahead of time, and put hints or really infuriating non-hints on our shared Google calendar and bug each other up until the day to try to find out what we’re doing.  Here’s what Saturday looks like!  I’ll be able to tell you about after it actually happens.

Whatever your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is just another day.  It’s not actually anything special.  Do with it as you please!  (also, a mantra you can take into the bedroom…bahahaha…I crack myself up)



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day & Anniversaries

  1. Lol! Your day looks great. You are so crazy. 😉 We are the same way. We go out but don’t do gifts. Watch this will be the one time that he actually does get something and I will look like an a$$.

    • bahaha – mine’s already looked like an a$$ once or twice because I’m obsessed with greeting cards and he interpreted no gifts to mean no greeting cards…but c’mon…how easy is it to buy a greeting card?! Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day!

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