Five Thing Friday – Sorry for the language…

    1. Is it Friday?  The past 2 weeks have been all fucked up by snow days.  I have to remind myself of what day it is ~5 times throughout the day.  My internal monologue for two straight weeks has been, “Shovel your FUCKING sidewalk, asshole!” on repeat.
    2. Last week, I discovered Apple Butter.  It’s really just thick apple sauce, but for some reason it is delicious and will help me revolutionize my snack game while I’m on this ‘no desserts’ kick, if that even lasts.  So far I’ve tried it on Pecan Nut Thins for a delicious, low-calorie, sweet and salty snack.
    3. Boston is in a vortex of commuting hell.  You are an asshole if you take up 2 seats on the bus/subway. You’re a fucking douche nozzle if take it the step further and sit in the outside seat, throwing your bag on the inside seat. Forcing me to ask you to move your bag and then crawl over you in a dress to get to the inside seat. This isn’t some sort of soft core porno and you are not that important. Move the fuck in.
    4. I’m a little cranky today.  Can you tell?  As I mentioned, our anniversary was two weeks ago and the BF’s plans got canceled due to snow.  We still ended up having a great dinner and met up with some friends who were out.  But that’s not the point.  The city keeps shutting down because of this snow.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to get a blizzard along with another ~12 inches.  Normally I’d be thankful for 12 inches on V-day (just kidding, that’s ridic too big…man I’m really unfiltered today), but now I think my plans are going to get canceled.  AND the fucking mayor is encouraging the subway to shut down.  Fahk you Mahty.  Fuuuuuuck you.  I don’t really have a Boston accent.  Unless I’m drunk or angry.  Then it sneaks in a little bit.  Frankly, as long as the T is running, I’m going out.  The end.
    5. Not the end.  Shoulda made that one number 5.  Since I’m on the topic snow, and it’s the only goddamn topic to talk about right now, I figured I’d share some fun things for those readers not in New England.  Scroll down on THIS PAGE for a video of what it’s like to drive around Boston right now.  For the record, it’s even worse outside of the city where the streets are as small, but less busy, so they don’t plow as well.  Hooray.  Here’s an article in Slate about all the records we’re breaking.  We just have to be best at everything.

Now, that’s the end.  I’ll try to make my next post less profanity-laced.  Maybe.  Probably not.