No Desserts – Day 3 – And Weekend Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Yesterday was supposed to be Makeup Monday, but it was holiday.  And I hadn’t showered in 3 days.  And I had no desire to put on makeup just for you guys.  Sorry not sorry.

Valentine’s Day date turned out great despite the storm. Transportation was sort of a mess, but we made it. Our activity was going to see stand up comedy at Laugh Boston and it was awesome. We were laughing the whole time. The comedian who opened the set was even from Somerville, so there were some good local jokes, too!  Jessimae Peluso was the headliner and she was fucking hilarious.  There was an annoying drunk couple near the front and she picked on them A LOT and they deserved it.  I’m sure they banged and then threw up in a snow bank later.

On the no dessert front, I think I’ve ate my weight in non-dessert snacks: popcorn, crackers, chips, party mix, nut thins, granola bars. I need to not replace desserts with other unhealthy things, but that’s sort of what I’ve been doing. Sunday was the worst.  I was a wee bit hungover and stuck in the house due to the 15 (not 12) inches we got overnight Saturday.  So there was a lot of snacking.  We went to BJ’s on Saturday to load up on snacks to bring to the ski house this coming weekend.  I broke into those on short order.  Oops.

Monday wasn’t terrible.  I took the train in to campus early to go to the gym and then meet with my tutor.  He canceled on me on the way in (because…snow…no trains…totally legitimate) and the train stopped a few stops before campus, so I found myself at the mall stopping at Starbucks for coffee.  This particular Starbucks has cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and cookies from a bakery in the mall.  They had a giant s’mores cookie covered in chocolate chips and marshmallows.  OMG.  I was able to restrain myself, but I did bend the rules a bit and get a tiramisu latte.

In addition to salty snacks and sweet lattes, I’ve been adding peanut butter to everything!  It’s the closest thing to a dessert that’s allowed.  It also has a shit ton of calories.  Need to revert back to apply butter!!

As I mentioned above, this weekend we’re heading up to Killington, VT to go skiing.  There are about 25 of us staying in a house and bringing a wide variety of crockpot meals to get us through the weekend.  I was just updating the spreadsheet with the snacks I was going to contribute and saw that my friend is bringing red velvet cupcakes.  WTF.

I will not eat red velvet cupcakes.

I will not eat red velvet cupcakes.

I will not eat red velvet cupcakes.


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