Workout Wednesday 2/18

Slightly new format.  WP doesn’t like tables, especially on the mobile app, so I’m going back to bullets.  I’m also moving most of my commentary from the beginning (unless it truly applies to the whole week) to the specific workouts.


  • Pull Ups = 4…and a half…still   [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Cardio = 7.66 Miles, 90 minutes, 3 Runs [Last week: 6.22 Miles, 88 Minutes, 3 Runs]
  • Workouts = 5 [Last week: 5] Despite the fact that I took two unplanned rest days (Hungover Sunday and Tired Wednesday), I at least matched last week and upped my mileage.
  • Physical Therapy Exercises = 4x [Goal for these is to do them 5-7x per week – I’ve been slacking]


  • Thursday 2/12 – 15 Min. Abs + PT Exercises – 15 minute abs is starting to feel too short to actually count as a workout.  Since it’s one I hate doing, it’s still takes more motivation than running 3 miles.  Still, it feels like a cop out.  BUT I didn’t have that much time on Thursday and PT exercises already take 30 minutes, so this’ll just have to do sometimes.  I’m thinking about adding a set of other exercises (push ups, squats, etc) for a easy and quick full body, with the abs as the focus, obviously.
  • Friday 2/13 – Treadmill: 30 min, 2.67 mi, 11:14 pace; 2×10 Pull Ups/Dips @ 50 lbs asst – This was a good run.  The numbers don’t look like it, but I increased my run/walk ratio to 1.5 minutes walking, 4.5 minutes running for 30 total minutes.  I’m supposed to stop if I feel any pain in my posterior tibial tendon and ease off a few days until it’s okay again.  It felt warm and tingly and sore today.  Usually the warmth and then a twinge of pain is my signal to stop.  Today, there wasn’t really a twinge.  It was more of an ache.  So, I kept going.  So far, so good.  It’s tough to differentiate between regular ‘I’m pushing myself the right amount to improve’ pain and ‘I’m getting injured’ pain.  I’m keeping an eye on it!  Pull ups and dips are fairly stagnant, but my biceps looked jacked!
  • Saturday 2/14 – 30 Day Shred and PT – This video is fucking hard.  She says you can’t take breaks in a 20 minute workout.  Little does she know.  I think, if I did this workout over the course of 40 minutes, I’d be able to do the whole thing without breaks, but as is, I need breaks!  It’s so concentrated on back and arms.  My whole back hurt on Sunday.
  • Sunday 2/15 – PT – I said I was going to yoga.  I did mental yoga (re: my homework), but no exercise.
  • Monday 2/16 – Treadmill: 30 min, 2.4 mi, 14:00 pace – Another snow day = another packed gym.  The only free treadmill was one of the old, shitty ones.  The Interval course on it is preset and you can’t change the intervals, so I was stuck with 2:2 work:rest pace.  Since it was going to be easier than I planned, I decided to attempt my first speed workout…I think… This old treadmill was a blessing in disguise.  First of all, I ran most of my work intervals at 6.6 mph (normally I run around 6.1 mph) AND I was able to do 2 minutes at 6.8 mph!  Second of all, doing 2 minute run intervals that fast and feeling great while doing it was a HUGE boost of confidence.  I actually thought to myself, “I feel like a runner, again.”  It was just back in the end of December that I was struggling with walking 4 minutes and running 2 minutes at 5.8 mph.  Now, two minutes feels easy at 6.8 mph.  Hallelujah!
  • Tuesday 2/17 – Treadmill: 30 min, 2.59 mi – I did the first 20 minutes at 1 minute walking, 5 minutes running repeats.  The next 10 minutes were 2:4 ratio.  I was going to do pull ups and dips and I was exhausted.  Not just arms exhausted, but full body exhausted, so I didn’t.
  • Wednesday 2/18 – PT – Rest day.  I’m soooo tired.


My ankle and foot are buggin a little bit and I’m going skiing on Saturday.  My boots are super uncomfortable and hurt in all the same places that running hurts.  And the bottom, outside of my foot hurts, which is new and annoying and painful.  Therefore, this week is going to be a rest week for running.

  • Thursday 2/19 – 30 Day Shred
  • Friday 2/20 – 15 minute abs + Push Ups, Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups
  • Saturday 2/21 – Skiing
  • Sunday 2/22 – Nothing
  • Monday 2/23 – Gym – I’ll see how a 3:3 ratio feels.
  • Tuesday 2/24 – Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown
  • Wednesday 2/25 – Gym – Maybe a 2:4 if Monday felt good.