Five Thing Friday – weekend plans

Things I will be doing this weekend…
1. Not skiing. My foot still doesn’t like walking. Luckily it’s so cold outside that I can’t feel it.
2. Drinking and smoking in a hot tub!
3. Homework by the fire place while my friends are out in the cold skiing. Is it weird that I’m a little bit excited this?
4. Crock pot potluck. I didn’t make anything, but I know there will be lasagna, brisket, pulled pork…my friends are nice people who cook delicious things.
5. Drinking games and probably a lot of cards against humanity. Our most popular card games are fuck box (spoiler alert: everyone gets fucked by the box..hard) and horse races. The BF is a good announcer.

That’s it for awhile. I’ve got no service up there and will be thankful for the disconnection (until I cave for the wifi). Happy weekend!