Make Up Monday – Powder Blue

Between the white snow EVERYWHERE and the necessity of bundling up beyond recognition to weather this weather, I was feeling like something soft, but impactful.  This brought me to the baby blues of the 80’s.  I will never forget in the movie My Girl when Vera learns how to apply this gaudy, bright baby blue eyeshadow.  It’s hideous.  This is an updated homage, if you will.
IMG_0631 IMG_0632

What I Used & How

White shadow base from this Cover Girl Palette ($6).  It’s not a true white.  It has a slight bluish-green tinge to it, which made it the perfect under brow highlight and base to complement the blue shadow.

Powder blue shade called Escape from the Stila Fabulous in Fiji travel palette ($10).  These shadows are very loose and powdery.  I had to blow off the excess to avoid blue all over my face.  They are very pretty colors, though.  This goes on very soft and can be layered for more color, but not much.  If you layer it over the silver in the same palette it gets to be a very icy blue.

Black Ebony eyeliner by Lancome ($26) (possibly my favorite black eyeliner!), covered with a line of L’Oreal eyeshadow ($4) in Midnight Blue.  This shadow I bought on clearance and it is truly a shitty eye shadow.  However, it’s a gorgeous color and works perfectly when applied with an angled brush over eye liner.

Topped off with Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara (previously reviewed here).  I only did one eye’s mascara, so that you can see the difference.  Given that I did curl my lashes, this did not really hold a curl and clumped them together a little bit.