I Went to the Doctor


Yesterday morning when I got to work I began the harrowing journey that got me into this walking boot.  I work at a hospital, so I don’t need a referral to see a specialist.  I could have called the Foot and Ankle Division of Orthopedics or the Podiatry division directly, but I wanted to see someone ASAP, so I called the main number assuming they would have the most information on available appointments.  Instead, they told me to call the doctor that I had seen previously (for my post tib tendinitis) because I’d have better luck getting an appointment.

The orthopedist I had previously seen is in the Foot and Ankle division, along with 2 other orthopedists.  This division is primarily located off-site and they rotate between 4 different locations.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment on the main campus (where I work) for over a week, and I would have to hobble over to the shuttle to our satellite location.  I believe my exact words were, “So, there’s NO ONE at the HOSPITAL that can LOOK at my FOOT?”

I was told I could go to the ER.  What a nightmare.  Commence my hobbling to the shuttle.

I got there early for my x-rays, which made me 10 minutes early for my appointment.  They brought me right in, had me take off my sock and shoe, and wait for the doctor.  30 minutes later, I decided to put my sock back on – it was cold!  25 minutes after that, the doctor finally showed up and proceeded to give me ~4 minutes of his time.

Nothing bad showed up in the x-ray, but he was able to feel a spot on my foot that made me start crying (it wasn’t all hypochondria; I didn’t make it up!).  He doesn’t know what it is, but felt that an MRI would be “overkill” at this point.

So…I’m in this fabulous walking boot for 1 week, then a regular OTC ankle brace for 1 week, then a follow up meeting.  If it still hurts then, I’ll get an MRI to see if it’s one of the really deep bones inside the ankle that you can’t see in an x-ray.

Today, it’s on my TO DO list to come up with some non-standing workouts because I’ve done nothing in a week!!