Workout Wednesday 2/25

This week was a bust due to injury, so no daily recap.  I have started brainstorming some of the exercises that I can do with the boot.  And I also mapped out a half marathon training plan that doesn’t start until April.  I was supposed to start the first week of March, but that’s not happening with whatever foot injury I have.  Actually mapping out a plan that starts a month later gave me hope that it will be possible.


  • Pull Ups = 4   [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Cardio = 0 cardio, [Last week: 7.66 Miles, 90 minutes, 3 Runs]
  • Workouts = 2
  • Physical Therapy Exercises = 0


  • Tuesday 2/24 – BOOT WORKOUT 1
    • Pull Ups – 5
    • Modified Push Ups – 10
    • Sit Ups – 15
    • Oblique Sit Ups – 15 ea. side
    • Donkey Kicks – 15 ea. side
    • Fire Hydrants – 15 ea. side


My only goal is to heal.

While healing, I can do 8 of the 12 exercises from 15 Minute Abs.  I can also do 15 of the 17 Exercises for Toned Arms.  Add in some Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, and my hip exercises with the PT resistance bands, and hopefully I’ll stay in shape?  (whatever shape this is…)

God, I just want to run.

FUTURE HOPEFUL HALF MARATHON TRAINING PLAN 🙂  (i.e. keeping the glass half full!)

HalfMarathonTrainingThis is not a suggested training plan and has no actual knowledge behind it!  Most training plans I found required running 4-5 times per week.  I know that will result in an injury for me, so I kept most of the distances, but kept it at 3-4 times per week.  The Thursday run is a short, easy filler run that I can skip if I’m feeling on the fence about my foot/ankle/tendon/whatever else hurts.

I need to remain flexible and not pressure myself to stick to this exactly, because it’s all going to depend on how my body feels.  The one thing I need to believe (which I don’t, yet) is that I can run 13.1 miles.  Without enough training, it will hurt and it won’t be pretty and I’ll probably hurt myself, but it’s one day and I can do it.  If I’m able to complete the proper training, it will be easier.  Either way, I can finish it.

*It feels very silly to say all this while I’m limping in a boot.  But, it is 5 months away.  I can do it.