February Fitness Roundup

Given the fact that I’m injured and only properly exercised the first 2 – 3 weeks, it’s not really easy or fair to compare to last month.  I actually kicked ass the first few weeks of the month, but that’s why I’m injured, so it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment.


  • 216 minutes [January=307]
  • 7 At Home Workouts and 7 runs [January = 11, 9]
  • Total Distance = 16.79 miles — My last run was February 17th and I was only ~6 miles off from last month, which shows that I increased too fast.  But the real proof is in the steps.
  • Fitbit — Average Daily Steps: 8,295 [January: 7,244] — And I’ve been in a walking boot since February 23rd.  February
  • Weight:
    • January 31 = 131.8
    • March 3 = 131.4

Not weighing myself worked.  Or at least didn’t hurt.  Maybe it was the no desserts?  I doubt it, since I ate more food than I had all of last month.  I don’t know.  I’m glad I haven’t gained mass amounts of weight while not exercising hard or paying the strictest attention to my diet.  That’s great – truly.


February was supposed to be about building my running base, which I was doing.  Until I wasn’t.  March was supposed to be the start of my half marathon training.  Until it wasn’t.  Hmmph.  That’s a heavy sigh in text form.  Ah the best laid plans…

My follow up appointment on my ankle is March 9th.  Assuming I can put full weight on it then, I plan to do PT exercises for a week with easier bands than what I was using.  Then, the weeks of March 15th, 22nd, and 29th I plan to as many short runs as is comfortable.  I’m talking 1-milers here.  Preferably outside, as I’m more comfortable outside than on the treadmill.  I think the treadmill + the motion control shoes had something to do with my ankle.  I’m also going to switch between motion control and stability shoes and make sure to roll out my arches A LOT.  I’m only going to run 1 – 3 times per week, but I will be working out more.

My focus in March needs to be rehabbing, not training.  Thus, I also need to focus on calorie and food intake to compensate for less physical exertion.

Here are my Marching orders:

  1. Physical therapy exercise to rehab ankle
  2. Walk more; run if possible
  3. Eat healthy foods
  4. 1150-1300 calories day

3 thoughts on “February Fitness Roundup

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  2. My gosh I would die on those calories! Even on days I don’t workout intensely I found myself averaging 1800-2000. WOOF. I hope your injury HEALS FASTERRR.

    • It sounds insanely low, I know! It’s because I sit at a desk all day. That’s also my recommended calorie intake to lose weight with no exercise. The more I exercise, the more I can eat!

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