Workout Wednesday 3/4

I know that if I stop running, I stop hurting.  I stop getting injured.

I’ve written before about why I want to run.  After my no-dessert stint, I’d like to add to that list.  I read a lot of runner’s blogs and they enjoy bacon mac & cheese burgers, cheesecake, froyo, doughnuts, you name it.  And they enjoy them DAILY.  Because they’re burning 800+ calories daily.  I want that.  I want guilt free doughnuts.  Can I get that without running?  Probably.  But, oh yeah, I like running.


  • Pull Ups = 5!  I finally made it to 5!  I think that’s from doing 4 with the extra weight of the boot   [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Workouts = 3
  • Physical Therapy Exercises = 0


  • Friday 2/27 – Exercises for Toned Arms – 10 reps of the 15 moves that don’t require weight on my leg, with 5 lb weights.  It hurt a TON while I was doing (which is why I only did 10 reps instead of 15), but I didn’t feel sore at all after…or like I accomplished anything.
  •  Tuesday 3/3 – BOOT WORKOUT 1
    • Pull Ups – 5
    • Modified Push Ups – 30
    • Sit Ups – 30
    • Oblique Sit Ups – 30 ea. side
    • Donkey Kicks – 30 ea. side
    • Fire Hydrants – 30 ea. side
  • Wednesday 3/4 – 15 Minute Abs – But, really, 10 minute abs because I only did 8 of the exercises.  The 8 that did not require standing or weight on my foot.


My goal is to do 4 workouts at home, no weight on my foot.  Obviously this is limiting and enables me to be lazy.  Like I should have doubled or tripled the reps I did today.  So, I’m making that my goal, to push myself while doing these stationary, “easy” workouts so that I’m not just checking a box, I’m actually making progress.

Theoretically, I should be able to walk on my ankle without a boot or a brace on Monday.  I plan to do PT exercises, both the ankle strengthening and hip strengthening ones, on a lighter resistance band on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Based on how I feel, I’ll increase the bands until I get back up to where I was.


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  1. That’s so awesome that you are doing 5 pull ups! Ugh! They are so hard. I can get to where I can do a couple and then I am right back to negatives. Great job!

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