Makeup Monday – Clinique Combo Mascara

I’m back at it!  Reviewing mascaras from the LashStash box.  It really is the gift (that I gave to myself) that keeps on giving.  I couldn’t find the next one on Sephora’s site.  Then I realized the dual product tube was just the sample version and it’s actually sold in 2 separate products:

First of all, for such a well known and respected brand, their products are SO CHEAP!  Only $5 more than drug store brands.

Second of all, you already know I love the High Impact Extreme Volume mascara.  It’s seriously amazing.

Given that, I had high hopes.  I’ve never used a lash primer before.  I’ve been meaning to since one of my readers suggested it for all those mascaras that give me raccoon eyes.  While I don’t like the idea of adding another step to my routine, it would be good for date nights, concerts, particular long days…special occasion type stuff.

The Lash Building Primer did look like it lengthened my lashes.  However, it totally flattened them out.  Did NOT hold a curl.  I hate curling after I’ve applied mascara.  It feels stiff and causes flaking and gets my eyelash curler all dirty.  So, I didn’t.  But I had very flat lashes.  I have no experience with primers, so next time I’ll try curling after the primer, but before the mascara?  So much to learn!

Now for the main event.  The High Impact mascara does not hold a candle to its Extreme Volume sibling.  All it did was darken the white primer.  It looks fine and all, but so do my natural lashes.  I’m not paying money for natural – that shit’s free.

I tried the primer with my regular Extreme Volume stuff and I wasn’t super impressed.  The primer definitely adds length and keeps the lashes separated, but it didn’t allow the volumizing mascara to add any volume.  The mascara also stays on longer by itself than with the primer, so I felt like that defeated any purpose to using it.  I still LOVE Clinique products.  This one’s just not for me.


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