Marshmallow Filled Banana Cupcakes

This is what I made last night for my girls night sleep over tonight. The recipe comes from Taste of Home magazine:


hopefully you can read this

Before I start baking, I like to do a couple things:

  • Set out the equipment I need – mixer and muffin tins with muffin liners.


    I probably shouldn’t put these right on the stove, as they get hot while preheating, but oh well.

  • Lay down a paper towel to do all my measuring on.  This saves you from having to really clean the counters afterward.
  • Hang a plastic grocery bag near my work station for immediate trash – egg shells, wrappers, banana peels, etc.  I used to bring the trash can over to me, but leaving it open and smelling trash while I’m baking is not pleasant.


    Notice the paper towel and the bag. Do not notice the dirty ass toaster. The BF reuses aluminum foil I guess?

  • Set out all the ingredients on the kitchen table behind me.  This way they are all in reach and I don’t have to look for anything mid-recipe, but they aren’t cluttering my counter workspace.
    • Note on ingredients: In the middle of this picture you’ll notice a box of buttermilk.  I only needed 1/4 C. buttermilk, and it’s only sold in a quart.  Blech.  Then I saw this in the baking aisle.  It has 4 packets of dried buttermilk.  Each makes 1 C. when mixed with water.  So, I only wasted 3/4 C. instead of most of a quart, and I have 3 more cups at my convenience for the next time!  Ingenious.


Then I just followed the recipe.  In ended up making 22 muffins instead of 18, which was fine but I had prepare another pan.  I have a cheesecake recipe like that, that made a whole second cheesecake.  The first time I made it the second one had no crust or no topping because the topping in the recipe was only enough for one.  Weird.  Moving on.

Once I took out the cupcakes I got to core them with my cute cupcake puncher that the BF got me awhile back.  You can totally do this with a knife or grapefruit spoon, but since I had the little contraption, I used it.


I tried not to photograph the wine glass, but I was too lazy to move it and we all know wine is essential to baking.

Following instructions, I made the filling.  I have no good tips for dealing with Fluff.  It’s a bitch to measure and deal with.  My only tip from this part of the process is soften the butter.  I had left it out for hours, but it wasn’t soft enough.  So, I threw it in the microwave, wrapper and all, for 8 seconds.  That was perfect.

Then I casually filled the cores and frosted them with a spoon.  I say casually because my frosted is plopped and swirled on top.  Nothing fancy here.


Nothing fancy except for the badass cupcake holder. It has a cover with a handle. It’s awesome. Also a BF gift. Perhaps he’s just trying to get me to bake more cupcakes. haha

In the end, they’re really yummy, but they taste like banana muffins.  In retrospect I would have just made a recipe for banana muffins, which would be healthier, and then fill them with the same marshmallow filling.



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