Can I blame it on school? 3 Updates

I like to blame things on school. Not calling people back. Not updating my resume. Not writing blog posts. Blaming stuff on school is awesome. Especially when you’re a full time employee AND a full time student. Double the sympathy! Double the slack!

At this very moment, I want to blame delinquency on school, because that’s what I’m feeling anxious about RIGHT NOW.

Buuuutttttt, the only reason I’m feeling anxious about it is because of poor planning on my part. I’m coming off of spring break week. All of my homework should have been done ages ago. I also had the house to myself all weekend = no distractions. Except that am my biggest distraction. Well, me and Netflix.

I did not start my homework that is due tomorrow until yesterday around 1pm.  Then my alarm didn’t go off this morning.  Or it did, and I shut it off with no recollection of doing so?  My phone was acting up yesterday, so I’m guessing it didn’t go off.  I had to get to a doctor appointment, so I had to get ready in 25 minutes.  That means no shower, no make up, no picture taking, no blogging, no nothing.  Then, I had a meeting with my tutor after work and ended up being there from 5 until 8pm.

I do have a Make Up Monday post in my head, but I want to give it the attention it deserves (what does a post about makeup deserve, really?), so it’s coming out on Tuesday.  Don’t care if it’s called Makeup Monday.  Yep, it’s just gonna be that kind of week.

In the meantime I thought I’d update you on some things.

1. My Foot

It has a diagnosis!  A real one!  I got to see the MRI today with the Orthopedist.  I have a partial ligament tear and peroneal tendinitis.  The only remedy is rest, which means I get to keep the walking boot on for at least another week.  Then, I get to try and do an ankle brace again. And then 6 more weeks of PT.  At least I know now, and it doesn’t require surgery.

2. Blog Friends?  Blog Friends!

I had lunch with L at Bubbles and Booyah on Saturday.  This was probably the first new friend I’ve made in 5 years and one of the only new friends I’ve made completely independently of existing friends.  There’s something special and empowering and exciting about that!  Making friends when you don’t live in dorms together is really fucking hard.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to date.  Most people don’t want to be approached at the gym or even at a bar.  I’ve actually tried to make friends at a bar before when I was out with only guys, and biddies looked at me like a was some crazy loser.  Whatever.  The bottom line is that forming friendships was never one of my goals in blogging.  Truth be told, I had never really thought about it as a possibility, but it’s a pretty cool byproduct.

3. Girls Will Be Girls

After a long and chatty lunch with L, I went to my all girls sleepover.  It was uncanny how many of the exact same topics and opinions surfaced.  Online dating, social media, …. I can’t even remember the rest.  All I know is that I wasn’t leading the conversation at the sleepover, but kept contributing the same stories I had told earlier.  I guess that just means L would fit in with my friends.  Haha.

It was a little scary that the other parts of the sleepover conversations were about marriage and buying houses — we’re getting old!


3 thoughts on “Can I blame it on school? 3 Updates

  1. Ah I’m so glad they finally figured out what was wrong! Does this mean you can’t run the half-marathon? 😦 Sounds like you’re having a pretty stressful week so far, I’m in the same boat! I had the house to myself this weekend and didn’t do any of my crap load of homework until Sunday night, bad decision!! Hope the rest of your week is better 🙂

    • Thanks, lady. I don’t know about the half marathon, yet. It does mean that I can’t train properly. I expect I’ll start running again around May, which gives me only 2 months. The registration’s non-refundable, so I’m not counting myself out, yet.

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