Workout Wednesday 3/18


  • Pull Ups = So, this morning I could only do 2 pull ups.  HOWEVER, I did an arm workout last night at 10:30pm, so I’m blaming it on that.  I swear next week I’m gonna be at 6. [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Workouts = 4 – At least I improved what is in my control 🙂



  • 6 pull ups – My old roommate and I used to have a rule and we would call each other on it.  We put a pull up bar between the kitchen and the living room and any time you crossed through that doorway (and weren’t holding food or something), you had to do 1 pull up.  I need to implement that rule in my current apartment and hold myself to it.
  • The workouts I’m currently doing only take about 20-30 minutes.  I watch at least an hour of TV a day.  Therefore, I should be able to workout EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Now, I know I don’t want to get discouraged, so I’m going to build up to there.  This week’s goal is 5 workouts.
  • Rest my ankle.  And get a lace up ankle brace.  And hopefully, successfully transition to said ankle brace next Tuesday.  I already have my PT appointment for March 31.
  • Find new workouts.  If I do Skinny Mom’s exercises for toned arms one more time, I’m gonna punch a skinny mom right in the face with my ridiculously toned arm.