Tattoo Chronicles: Worn with Pride


right after it was done – just wee bit bloody

Pride?  Get it?  Because it’s a peacock feather?  I don’t know if you’ve figured this out by now, but I’m wicked clever.

I believe it was my 2nd year of college that I got this tattoo.  My best friend wanted to get her first or second tattoo (I can’t remember which one was first) and I, being the good, tatted friend that I am, was going to go with her and also get something.  I had considered getting an entire peacock and I sort of with I did.  Because, now I really want a peacock tattoo, but that would be weird to have the full bird and just the feather.

Truly, the peacock feather is meant to symbolize pride.  I was a year or so into college, doing well, making something of myself.  Neither of my parents went to college, nor did the help me financially or otherwise, and I was proud of myself.  It also gave me an opportunity to put a bunch of bright colors on my skin in a visible place.  Win, win.

I am super glad that my taste in tattoo artists got better as I got more visible ink.

This only took about an hour and a half, but on the spine, it felt like nerve pain the entire time.  Cringe-worthy shooting pain that I could feel in my hands and feet.  This was my most painful tattoo, by far.  I think it also bothered my having the tattoo gun so close to my head.

I didn’t take any new pictures of this one.  The first one above is from 2006 and I also have some from 2008 below.  We’ll just call it Throw Back Thursday up in this bitch blog.

2  1

P.S. Yes, of course there is a story that goes with these pictures.  My friend and I were out at Daisy Buchanan’s and we were on our way out the door when this fine fellow grabs me and starts ballroom dancing to club music.  Literally had a ball room dancing lesson from a shirtless, vest-wearing man in a zebra bandana and a bolo tie.  What the fuck.  No idea.  Shenanigans.  Absolute shenanigans.

P.P.S. This tattoo still looks as bright and colorful as it does in pictures.  I especially love it because it hides my bacne.  Ahahahaha.  Gross, I know.  Sorry dudes.



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