Five Thing Friday

  1. It’s been a hell of a week. I keep treating myself to things “because I deserve it.” Things like an ice cream sundae yesterday with Leprechaun Brew (beer flavor) and Jameson Irish Coffee flavored ice cream and hot fudge and oreos. It was a long day and I had been craving ice cream for awhile. Today I got a delicious breakfast sandwich because it’s Friday, and I made it to Friday, and I “deserve it.” Truthfully speaking, I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve any of these things. I’m just making shit up at my pity party. I do think I should get treats, but just because. Let’s not pretend that I’ve done anything to deserve AND let’s not pretend that you have to do anything to deserve a treat. You don’t. Anyone can buy ice cream. Go forth and enjoy your desserts! (in moderation, of course, blah blah blah)
  2. I got the actual written report from my MRI.  I’m sad they didn’t give me the pictures.  The BF got a CD with all the images when he got one.  Damn budget cuts.  Here are the findings, in case anyone was interested:

    Bone: Bone marrow signal is preserved. No fracture lines are present. No Osteochondral lesions are seen.
    Tendons: The anterior extensor and posterior flexor tendons are intact. Trace fluid around the common tendon sheath of the peroneal tendons. Trace fluid surrounding the posterior tibialis tendon. FDL and FHL are normal. The Achilles tendon appears normal.
    Ligaments: Marked thinning of the superior fibers of the anterior talofibular ligament (8; 16). The ligament appears normal inferiorly (8; 18). PTFL intact. Tibiofibular ligaments intact. The deltoid ligaments and spring ligament complex are intact. Calcaneofibular ligament intact.
    Miscellaneous: Plantar fascia is intact. Tarsal tunnel and Sinus tarsi are unremarkable in appearance. Surrounding soft tissues appear normal. No joint effusion. No muscle atrophy or fatty infiltration.

    Partial tear at the superior fibers of the ATFL.
    Tenosynovitis of the common tendon sheath of the peroneal tendons.
    Tenosynovitis of the posterior tibialis tendon.

  3. I work at a large intersection.  There is an ALL WALK signal after each direction of cars gets to go.  It happens at the same place in the light cycle every single time.  Some douchebag with giant headphones on starts pressing the walk button over and over and over again.  Now, it’s at the beginning of the car light cycle, so we’re not going to get a walk signal for a solid 90 seconds…at least.  And he just keeps pressing the button, making the crossing guard robot voice repeat, “Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, ad infinitum.”  (I just checked…I used that correctly…I deserve an ice cream sundae!)  He can’t hear it because his Beats by Dre are blocking out the world, but I’m twitching with annoyance.  I hope you get hit by a car, you inpatient asshole.  I should start a Rush Hour Rants category.  Genius. no animated GIF
  4. I love shopping and I’ve been looking for good work shirts that straddle the line between casual and professional.  What I mean by that is t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve shirts in nicer, more professional fabrics than cotton.  However, so many nice flowy shirts cover my butt.  That’s my best asset.  I don’t wanna cover dat ass.  How am I supposed to bring all the boys to the yard without my milkshake?  (was that song talking about boobs or butts?  I have no idea) milkshake animated GIF
  5. This weekend I’m putting my overachiever hat on.  I am not going out.  At all.  I am doing all my homework that is due next week.  Rereading my notes from Optimization and Complexity (when did Lemma become a word?  and why have I never heard it until the ripe old age of 28?  I may have made this comment before).  Starting my final project for Lean.  AND CLEANING.  SO MUCH CLEANING.  We have tortilla chip crumbs on our rug and it’s been months, MONTHS, since we’ve had tortilla chips.

    gross animated GIF

    may have overdone it on the gifs?





8 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday

  1. I bought myself a little piece of cheesecake the other day just because and it was amazing. Where does one find Jameson Irish Coffee flavored ice cream? Sounds amazing! 🙂

    • J.P Licks! It’s local to the Boston area and it’s fucking amazing! They also have a Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake flavor…that’s next on the list!

      • Yum! That sounds amazing too. Until I go on my next cross country road trip I might have to check out some recipes online, don’t know why I’ve never thought of it before, combining 3 of my favorite things, whiskey, coffee, and ice cream.

  2. I think that this post is so great and your use of these epic GIFs is so on point that you deserve a sundae. I think I have tortilla crumbs on my rug too (cleaning is happening at my end of town as well this weekend – yikes).

    • Thanks girl! Between chips, popcorn, and my hair, the carpet in my living room is a magnet. We have hardwood floors and had to buy a vaccuum just for this one rug! Hop your weekend is as productive as mine is planning on being!

  3. bleh I hate that cleaning word. Let alone actually doing it. lol
    and I think the same.!! I love to treat myself all the time 🙂 like today with a yummy vanilla cafe. yum.!

  4. Yes. We do not need excuses to treat ourselves! We’re just inherently worth it.

    I should totally stay in and do work too this weekend…buuuuut what are the chances of that really happening?

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