Workout Wednesday 3/25


  • Pull Ups = 5 – YAY I’m back up to 5 – I didn’t quite make my weekly goal of 6, but it felt like a strong 5.  [Overall Goal = 10]
  • Workouts = 5 – Granted, they were 5 small workouts, but I still did something 5 days during the week.


  • Friday 3/20 – Arm Exercises with Weights from Pop Sugar – 1 set of 10 – It’s similar to the 17 exercises for toned arms, but felt fresh.
  • Saturday 3/21 – Quick Random Exercises – I was actually super productive on Saturday, so I don’t feel bad for running out of time for exercising.  I had 10 minutes before I had to get ready for dinner, so I did this:
    • Pull Ups – 6 (not consecutive)
    • Sit ups – 25
    • Oblique sit ups – 15 ea. side
    • Clamshells – 20 ea. side
  • Sunday 3/22 – Exercises for Toned Arms and Ab Workout From Pinterest– I did 1 set of 15 for the arm workout, and 1 set of the suggested reps for the ab workout.  That ab workout is really a killer.  It feels a little less targeted/disciplined than the 15 minute abs, but it’s still really difficult.
  • Tuesday 3/24 – 15 Minute Abs  – 1 set of 14 — I woke up saying I would do 2 sets.  Halfway through the first I changed my mind.  I think that will go into my goals for this weekend, to complete 2 sets of all these things I’ve been doing when I can’t use time as an excuse (which is easy to do at 5:30AM).
  • Wednesday 3/25
  • Wednesday 3/25 – Exercises for Toned Arms – 3 sets of 12


  • 6 pull ups – I did more pull ups this week than ever, and got myself back up to 5, so I’m keeping my goal at 6.
  • I did achieve 5 workouts, but I don’t think they were superior quality.  This week my goal is still 5 workouts.  However, my Saturday workout will be double whatever my usual is!
  • Research pool hours at school.  I only have 5 weeks left of free gym and pool.  The pool is usually crazy busy, but it’s the end of the semester, so maybe it won’t be so bad.  Then I can finally get a full body, cardio workout.  The actionable part of this goal is to make a plan for when I can swim once a week.