Five Thing Friday

  1. Still matching my dress to my sneakers.  Baller status.
  2. Ignore my cuticles – all that extra nailpolish I waste comes off in the shower.  I swear it looks much better, now.Which is why I’m wondering why I took the picture when I did.  Anyway.  I painted my nails one of my favorite Essie colors, Go Ginza ($8.50).  It’s this beautiful, almost white lavender that’s perfect for spring.
  3. Made the most delicious, ridiculous dessert this week with shit I have in my pantry:
    1. 1 scoop peanut butter
    2. 1 bigger scoop of fluff
    3. 1 scoop of chocolate chips
    4. 1 scoop of Life cereal
    5. Mix all together as best you can in a bowl and eat with a spoon.
    6. Immediately soak bowl in warm soapy water because fluff is a clingy bitch.
    7. Yes, it’s period week.16 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're At Work And On Your Period
  4. Weekly commuter rant – a guy next to me on the bus smelled bad.  I was getting nauseated.  This complaint sounds very run of the mill, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what he smelled like!  Until it hit me all at once – the dentist!  He smelled like the dentist.  I don’t know if it’s the fluoride or the cavity filler, but the smell makes me want to vomit.  I hate the dentist and I hated that man on the bus.
  5. My coworker has a cold and people keep telling her to take Vitamin C and Vitamin D and Zinc and whatever other natural remedies there are.  She loves it because real meds don’t do much for her.  I’m the opposite.  None of the natural remedies have ever done anything for me.  I need pharmaceuticals.  If it doesn’t require your license to buy it, then it doesn’t work for me.  (<– This is something I would tweet if I had a Twitter…just so ya know.)

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