March Fitness Roundup

That’s right.  You get a double dose of fitness today.

Recall from February, my March goals were:

  • Physical therapy exercise to rehab ankle
  • Walk more; run if possible
  • Eat healthy foods
  • 1150-1300 calories day

Well, physical therapy didn’t start until March 31st, so I didn’t do that, or walk more.  I rested my sprained ankle and continued to do non-weight bearing exercise.  I actually exercised more days than in past months.  The intensity may not have been there, but the willpower and effort just to make time to exercise (especially when I was so limited to what I could do) was there, and that’s great!

As for eating, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag.  For dinners, the BF and I have been cooking more whole foods and eating out less.  However, school’s picked up a bit and I stopped my dessert fast, so I’ve been indulging in a lot of muffins and cupcakes; and when we have gone out to eat, I have not been shy about drinks, extra appetizers, or dessert.  I definitely did not meet my calorie goals, but I did maintain my weight, which is still a positive.


  • 0 minutes cardio [Feb=216, Jan=307]
  • 16 At Home Workouts and 0 runs [Feb= 7, 7]
  • Total Distance = 0 miles [Feb=16.79 miles]
  • Fitbit — Average Daily Steps: 5,504 [Feb= 8,295]
  • Weight:
    • March 3 = 131.4 lbs
    • April 1 = 131.8 lbs


  1. Physical Therapy
    This is my first priority (hence it is numbered 1).  PT is a lot of time and work.  It’s not hard, just as reading a book isn’t hard (unless you dropped out of 1st grade), but the commitment to doing it everyday is trying.  It’s how I’m going to get to run again, so it is my priority.
  2. Food Tracking
    Last month my goal was to eat healthy and stay below 1300 calories per day.  I thought I was being generous, since my actual weight loss goal calls for 1200.  BUT, not only did I not stay below 1300 calories; I didn’t even count how many calories I was eating.  So, I’m going back to basics and baby steps.  My goal is to track my food.  Every day.  Even weekends.  Even beer.  Even when I’m hungover and order pizza, jalapeno poppers, and poutine.  Yes, even then.

This month is about creating habits.  Doing something every day for 30 days creates a habit.  These two habits will set me up to succeed in my running goals and weight loss goals over the course of the summer.  We’re at step ZERO here.




Workout Wednesday 4/1


  • Pull Ups = I JUST DID 6 PULL UPS – FUCK YES!  It might have been sheer willpower, but I fucking did it.  [Overall Goal = 10]
  • Workouts = 2 – Let’s discuss…

So, as you can see in my daily recap below, I started off strong.  Thursday is usually a rest day for me because I’m class until 7:20pm.  Friday and Saturday I made myself do things.  Saturday, I even got really excited because I forced myself to do 2 sets of things.  Count em!  TWO!  Then, I fell off the face of the earth.  Not literally unfortunately, as that probably would be some good core work.  But, I did avoid exercise for the rest of the week.

I almost didn’t write this post today, since I gave myself an out yesterday by warning you that I’d be writing erratically, and because I was embarrassed/ashamed/did not want to admit that I did not reach my goal of 5 work outs.  I didn’t even fucking attempt it.  Then I realized that half (or most, I haven’t assessed my reasoning in awhile) the reason I write this weekly post is to hold myself accountable.

That DOES NOT mean to make myself bad.  It was just one week.  It doesn’t mean I will not meet my fitness goals.  It just means I had a busy week and I had low willpower temporarily.  It’s O.K.  I did achieve some things this week, both with doing 2 sets of an ab workout for the first time and doing 6 pull ups for the first time.
amy poehler animated GIF


  • Friday 3/27 – Another random combo of exercises – 1 set of 15 of each
    • Sit Ups
    • Oblique Sit Ups
    • Push Ups
    • Donkey Kicks
    • Fire Hydrants
  • Saturday 3/28 – 15 Minute Abs  – 2 SETS!  That’s right, I did two sets!  For the first time, I pushed myself to repeat it.  AND, the real kicker is, it didn’t feel like complete torture.  Hell yes!  Small miracles 🙂
  • Tuesday 3/31 – PT Exercises


I’m back in physical therapy, and out of the walking boot!  I’m supposed to do these PT exercises every day (multiple times per day if I have time…yeah right…blow me).

  • Side line, laying down inversion and eversion of the affected ankle – 2×25
  • Side line, laying down leg lifts (hips forward, leg back) – 2×10
  • Calf stretch – 30 seconds
  • Heel raises – 2×10