Workout Wednesday 4/1


  • Pull Ups = I JUST DID 6 PULL UPS – FUCK YES!  It might have been sheer willpower, but I fucking did it.  [Overall Goal = 10]
  • Workouts = 2 – Let’s discuss…

So, as you can see in my daily recap below, I started off strong.  Thursday is usually a rest day for me because I’m class until 7:20pm.  Friday and Saturday I made myself do things.  Saturday, I even got really excited because I forced myself to do 2 sets of things.  Count em!  TWO!  Then, I fell off the face of the earth.  Not literally unfortunately, as that probably would be some good core work.  But, I did avoid exercise for the rest of the week.

I almost didn’t write this post today, since I gave myself an out yesterday by warning you that I’d be writing erratically, and because I was embarrassed/ashamed/did not want to admit that I did not reach my goal of 5 work outs.  I didn’t even fucking attempt it.  Then I realized that half (or most, I haven’t assessed my reasoning in awhile) the reason I write this weekly post is to hold myself accountable.

That DOES NOT mean to make myself bad.  It was just one week.  It doesn’t mean I will not meet my fitness goals.  It just means I had a busy week and I had low willpower temporarily.  It’s O.K.  I did achieve some things this week, both with doing 2 sets of an ab workout for the first time and doing 6 pull ups for the first time.
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  • Friday 3/27 – Another random combo of exercises – 1 set of 15 of each
    • Sit Ups
    • Oblique Sit Ups
    • Push Ups
    • Donkey Kicks
    • Fire Hydrants
  • Saturday 3/28 – 15 Minute Abs  – 2 SETS!  That’s right, I did two sets!  For the first time, I pushed myself to repeat it.  AND, the real kicker is, it didn’t feel like complete torture.  Hell yes!  Small miracles 🙂
  • Tuesday 3/31 – PT Exercises


I’m back in physical therapy, and out of the walking boot!  I’m supposed to do these PT exercises every day (multiple times per day if I have time…yeah right…blow me).

  • Side line, laying down inversion and eversion of the affected ankle – 2×25
  • Side line, laying down leg lifts (hips forward, leg back) – 2×10
  • Calf stretch – 30 seconds
  • Heel raises – 2×10

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  1. Guess what. I’ve done ZERO workouts since running my half on Sunday but I’ve continued to carbo load anyway. Ah well. It’s just a week!! I’m proud of you blasting through that double ab workout!! Small miracles indeed.

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