Five Thing Friday

1. I’ve been eating a lot of bad for me breakfast.  This is two thirds of a Mocha Croisbun with Raspberries from Au Bon Pain.  It was delicious.  I also have had a pistachio muffin and a cinnamon bun.  I really need to get my breakfast eating habits under control.

2. I tried Yves St. Laurent Baby Doll Mascara.  That links to my previous review, which was good.  So, when I saw it the other day in my “discard” pile, I couldn’t remember why it was there.  I assume it was raccoon eyes, so I tried it with a primer (pictured below) and without.  And nope.  Now it’s actually getting discarded.  Life’s too short to be checking for makeup under your eyes every 5 minutes.  Or worse, forgetting to check and looking like you have 2 black eyes while you’re presenting at a meeting.


The lashes really do look good, though. What a shame.


3. Yesterday my professor literally starts class by saying, “So you know how this class is called optimization and complexity? Today is the last day we’ll do the optimization part.  Next week we do new math.” Here I thought it was complex all along…Movie Confused animated GIF

4. Weekend plans?  What are weekends?  I will be at the library tonight until at least 9pm.  That’s my goal.  Tomorrow and Sunday my alarm is set for 6:45AM.  I just need to tough it out.  3 more weeks.  That’s it!

5. Also, Happy Easter people!  I am in no way, shape or form religious, but I love my family and I get to see them for dinner.  My dad got ordained online one time, so we say we’re going to the Church of Al.  The Church of Al communion consists of Bud Light and Marlboros.  It’s a good time.