Change of Notation

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Yep, I’m different today, than I was on Friday.  That’s because I’M ENGAGED!


I’ve never wanted a diamond, always a sapphire (even before that Middleton made it popular).

And it happened exactly like this, obviously…

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okay, not really…


It’s a little surreal.  Bouts of crazy excitement, then answering a lot of weird questions from my family, then just back to normal us, then crazy excitement again.  Here are all the weird (and some normal) questions and answers:

  • Have you set a date, yet?
    Yes, we have.  We have our guest list and have decided on and booked a venue.  All in the last 20 minutes.  Fuck no, we haven’t set a date, yet.  JESUS.  Why is this everyone’s first question???  We’ve talked about getting married during Fall 2016, but we haven’t talked about since we got engaged and now it’s an actual, real conversation, not hypothetical.  We eventually looked at each other after being asked the 3rd time and it was just like, “Yeah, we better go with Fall 2016 just so we can say something definite and move this conversation along.  Oi Vey.”  So, yeah, we’re getting married in Fall 2016.  Period.
  • How did it happen?
    Well, this is pretty cute.  Friday night I did actually stay at the library until 9pm, so I got home around 10.  There was a large plastic egg on the entertainment center in front of the TV, which I noticed almost immediately and asked if it was for me.  Mind you, I think everything is turning into a proposal, but at the same time never really expected it to happen.  I was suspicious of the first egg, but when it had chocolate in it, I just thought he was doing cute holiday things (remember the construction paper garland at Christmas?).
    So, I proceed on this short egg hunt.  I get some chocolate and some nips of vodka.  The last egg is empty and he says, “Oh did I forget to put something in that one?”  I turn around and he’s on one knee.  Immediately, I start shaking and crying and sit on the bed because I can’t stand anymore.  And I’m grabbing and kissing his face.  Then I make the ‘move along’/’c’mon’ hand motion because he still hasn’t actually asked the question.  Haha.
  • Are you happy?
    Umm, ya think?  I wouldn’t have said yes if I weren’t, goobers.
  • Do you even congratulate the guy?
    No, mom.  The guy doesn’t really matter in this situation.  It was all about the ring and dress and the party.  He’s not committing his entire life to me or anything.  No congratulations necessary.  Only congratulate the woman in the situation for locking him down.  God, how fucking outdated.  I believe that she thinks this is the greatest accomplishment in my life.  Not a partnership, or something we’re mutually deciding to do together.  But something I accomplished in finding a provider for my life.  Fuck that.  We’ve already figured out how much I have to earn for him to stay at home.  It’ll take me awhile to get there, but you gotta have #relationshipgoals.
  • Where will you live?
    Old people are weird.  This was such a strange question.  Hmm.  I dunno.  Maybe in the apartment we already live in?!?!  You know, in the state where we both have paying jobs.  In a place where we can get to those jobs pretty quickly.  Yah, I think we’ll continue living in this apartment.  Oh yeah, and we have to live in this apartment at least for the next 5 months.  We signed something to that effect.  I think it was called a lease?
  • Are you hyphenating?
    No.  I will be keeping my name, much to everyone’s shock and disbelief.  (Have you met me?  Did you really think I would change my name?)
  • Will the kids names be hyphenated?
    No.  He or she (note – there will only be 1 kid – that’s something we have talked about) will take his name.  My name doesn’t belong to me anyway.  My dad was adopted by my grandmother’s second (or third?) husband and took his name, so I don’t feel any great need to pass it down.  Except in the form of a first name!  That’s a good compromise, right??  Luckily it works as a first name for both male and female.  Okay, that’s seriously enough about children.  I have years of drinking to do before I’m on the wagon for 9 months.

Now that I got all that out of the way….I’m going to be someone’s wife!  WIFE!  That sounds fucking terrifying.  And I’m so so so happy.  😀

  • P.S. Why did you name this post “Change of Notation”?  
    Since I refer to the BF as the BF on here, I need to come up with something else.  Fiancé sounds a little weird and is too long to type out and doesn’t have a good abbreviation.  The Boy.  The Man.  The Husband (ahhh that almost sounds as scary as wife!!).  I got it.  I think I’ll go with FH = Future Husband.