Workout [Wednesday] 4/8

Yep, Workout Wednesday comes on Thursday this week.  Get over it.  I have.


  • Pull Ups =   4.5 😦  whomp whomp  I was up to 6…I’ll get back to it!!  [Overall Goal = 10]
  • Workouts = 3
  • PT = 6 days


  • Friday 4/3 – 15 Minute Abs  – Just 1 set this time.
  • Saturday 4/4 – 17 Arm Exercises – yeah, those ones I said I’d never to again.  Haha.
  • Tuesday 4/7 
    • 30 push ups
    • 30 sit ups
    • 30 oblique sit ups
    • 30 donkey kicks
    • 30 fire hydrants
    • 5 pull ups


Physical Therapy is still the focus today this week.  (That, and graduating.)  [That, and getting back up to 6 pull ups…so many parentheses today.]

She said it will be 4-6 weeks before I run again.  I’m calling bullshit on that.  But, ya know, in a healthy way, where I’ll try to listen to her, but run anyway as long as it doesn’t hurt….

Here’s my list of PT exercises to do to keep track:



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  1. I think my workout Wedneday was me trying to keep my pizza crust out of the mouths of 4 hungry dogs. Want to disown me now?

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