Five Thing Friday

  1. 3 members of my fiancé’s family friended me on FB after the engagement.  I don’t post many (if any) political or religious things on there.  I’m somewhat of a Facebook Purist.  It’s all about sharing pictures and life events for me.  But those pictures include ones of me and my friends giving each other lap dances at house parties (#whitegirlwasted), and life events are sprinkled with the vocabulary of a truck driver (as you all know).  I was scrolling through and really wondering what the hell this very Catholic family is thinking of me at this point…  I’m not going to change, but it did make me wonder if I should take pains to edit myself a little bit.
    1. Yes, I know the alt code for é by heart.  It’s 130.

      Family probably doesn’t need to see this. At least I shaved my armpits! AND I’m not even drinking in this picture!

  2. Speaking of the engagement, I desperately need to get my ring sized.  Currently there’s a fat piece of mole skin (the sticky padded stuff that keeps your shoes from rubbing your feet the wrong way, not the notebook), in the back of the ring to keep it from spinning around and falling off.  He bough it online (shout out to the Natural Sapphire Company), so I need to find a jeweler to do it.  I found one with awesome reviews near my apartment, but their hours suck.  Combine that with the fact that I still haven’t shown most of my friends and sizing it could take up to a week, I don’t want to drop it off just yet.  So I must live with the mole skin for now.  ARG.
  3. We’ve been starting to look at buying a condo for about a month now.  It’s exhausting.  First we got pre-approved and there was nothing on the market, and I mean NOTHING.  Well, nothing in our price range in our area, I guess.  And then this week, there’s 6 open houses all at the same time all in our price range and almost in our area.  I’ll write more about this process as we go, but right now I can say that the market in and around Boston blows.  It’s so expensive (think $500+ per square foot!) and there are so few properties that they’re going for 10-20% OVER ASKING.
  4. It is also turning me into someone on House Hunters.You instinctively cringe whenever you hear someone make a joke about how they have "too many shoes" to fit in the closet.Wife: "I guess I'll give you a small part of the closet, honey!"
  5. And now I’ll just leave you with my final thoughts on the above topics:black and white animated GIF television animated GIF peter pan animated GIF