Makeup Monday – RED lips

Every once in awhile I get the urge to try a red RED lip.  I have a sample size of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22) in Beso – True Red.  I was in the mood the other day, and saw this in the drawer, so I put it on.

It’s a gorgeous color, but it is hard to put on.  It’s like paint.  Acrylic, very fast drying paint.  Unlike acrylic, more like oils in the sense that it’s very difficult to remove.  But that doesn’t stop it from coming off on everything.  I was paranoid all day that I would drink my coffee, and then sip from a slightly different spot, and end up with a ring of red lipstick around my mouth.  It didn’t happen, but there is still red all over my toothbrush and my washcloth.  Too bad they don’t sell it in enough shades for a rainbow party ;-).
IMG_0706 IMG_0707I definitely couldn’t wear this every day, as I was constantly paranoid it didn’t look right.  It also is a VERY shocking color, so everyone thought I was dressed up for something.  I wasn’t.  I can wear red lips whenever I feel like it, dammit!



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