Five Thing Friday

  1. Still sick.  This is seriously the worst cold or sinus infection I’ve ever had.  I’ve been googling what different snot colors mean all week.  Apparently, nothing, if you were curious.  Any color in your phlegm just means that you’re fighting off infection.  I’ll try to stop worrying, then.  (or I could just suck it up and go to the doctor, but that sounds like a waste of $35)
  2. Has anyone watched Orphan Black? It’s amazing! It’s on BBC America (or just regular BBC, I suppose, if you’re in the UK) and the 3rd season just started this week. On Demand has the whole first two seasons. I’ve heard about it intermittently over the past year or so, and saw the ads since the new season was premiering. I was also sick with no intention of doing homework. Anyway, I watched all of season 1 in a few days. The actress, Tatiana Maslaney, is fantastic. She plays a clone, so like 8 different versions of herself. I won’t say any more, lest I spoil it for someone. It’s a little sci-fi-y, but with enough good writing and human elements that it sucks you in. It reminds of Jessica Alba’s first show, Dark Angel, of which I own (yes, own) all 3 seasons. Great show. I’m a huge dork.
  3. I splurged and bought two new Essie nail polishes (yes, $20 is a splurge when your house hunting and wedding planning) that complement the ring.  Further evidence that I’m a dork.
    find me an oasis - blues by essie

    Find Me an Oasis

    petal pushers - grays and neutrals by essie

    Petal Pushers


  4. Along with those nail polishes, I was thinking about my favorite drug store products.  A lot of people put Eos chapstick balls on those lists.  Fuck that.  I’m all about the Burt’s Bees chapstick.  Putting on Eos is like eating a popsicle in public, overtly sexual.  I like to keep my teabagging behind closed doors.
  5. I have one homework left!  ONE!  That’s it!!  Granted, it has to do with isomorphic graphs and polynomial time algorithms (gag me with a spoon), but it’s only one.  Wooooohoooo!  Then I’ll have my Masters of Science in Operations Research!  Baller status!!!!  To celebrate, we’ll be heading up to Portland, ME on Saturday to do brewery tours and see the Mallett Brothers Band with a group of our friends (okay, so the real reason for the trip is not my impending freedom, but my friend’s 29th birthday and the CD release party for MBB, but I can pretend it’s all about me).

3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday

  1. I really hope you start feeling better soon, this must be the worst time to be sick with everything going on at school! Those are super cute colours and I totally count Essie as a splurge, that stuff is not cheap!

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