Hello there, stranger!

HI!  I’ve come back to life!  While I’ve been completely ignoring my regular blog schedule, it seems like Tuesdays have become random life updates.  That’s cool.  I feel like we haven’t spoken in awhile, so I’d like to catch up!

I handed in my last homework EVER last night!  It all won’t be official until graduation on May 8th, but I’m fairly certain I’ve gotten the required C in Optimization and Complexity and I know for sure I have an A+ (except they don’t actually give A+ – it’s just an A, even though it is a 99.8) in Lean Concepts.  So, fuck yes, I’m done being a full time student in addition to my regular job.

Whatever will I do with my time?!

I did go into Portland last weekend and I did cough the whole time and keep all of my friends awake at 1:30AM with a coughing fit.

Needless to say, I finally went to the doctor yesterday after a solid 10 days of being sick.  I met with the weirdest doctor.  She gave me antibiotics to basically treat it as a bacterial sinus infection, “Hmm, let’s see, penicillin…hmmm…OH  Amoxicillin!  I like Amoxicillin for sinuses, I do!  Let’s give you Amoxicillin!”  Then, “I’m giving you antibiotics.  I could treat it as bronchitis and give you inhalers.  Those would work..ohhh would they work!  BUT!  Inhalers are really expensive, so I’m going to start with antibiotics.  Even though the inhalers would work, oh would they!”  She was sooooo strange and very prescription happy.  I got a full night’s sleep last night and am starting to feel better!

Can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow!!