Five Thing Friday

  1. Last weekend in Portland, we hit up a few breweries.  The first one was Maine Beer Company and this is the only picture I took the whole weekend.  I was on so much Sudafed and cough syrup that one sample made me buzzed.  Luckily the sample was Mean Old Tom, a coffee, chocolate and vanilla stout.  Think Guinness, but smoother and slightly more like baked goods.  It was awesome!wpid-img_20150425_124555_113.jpg
  2. Remember when I talked about all the things I would do when I finished school?  Well, I started doing them!  There are hundreds of recipes that I’ve flagged in my Taste of Home magazines and I’m starting to work my way through them.  First up was Cashew Beef.  Delicious!  It was really expensive, however, because the beef was $11, the sesame oil was $7, oyster sauce $5, and cashews were $6.  It also only made about 3 servings.  Now that I have the ingredients, I would totally make this again.  It was just a shock to go to the grocery store for one meal and have it be $33
  3. I finished Yes, Please by Amy Poehler and it was awesome.  She is funny, inspiring, humble, relatable, grounded, and did I mention, funny?  I want to be her friend.Yes Please
  4. I ran!  TWICE!  It felt so, so good to get outside this morning.  It was only for 15 minutes (that’s all I’m supposed to do right now and I had to force myself to go slow), but it was fucking wonderful.  I forgot how good it felt to be sore.  My hamstrings are SO TIGHT and it feels amazing (that’s what he said?).  My back and obliques are also sore from a workout yesterday.  This hasn’t happened since before the ankle sprain.  I couldn’t be happier right now.  (Well, I could if 15 minutes were really 45, but alas, I have to start somewhere)
  5. I took this picture this morning before I left for my run.  I’ve been through somewhat of a shoe saga over the years.  I started off running with Asics GT 2170 stability shoes.  They were great.  When they updated their GT series and I needed new shoes, I just got the newer, equivalent version.  However, they had changed the heel-toe drop slightly and my plantar fasciitis kicked in.  After that I tried a variety of shoes with arch support inserts, which worked most of the time.  Then, I caved to the allure of a sale and bought some Asics that were actually neutral support, which I didn’t realize.  That’s when the post tib tendonitis kicked in last summer.  After that I bought my Mizuno’s (people said they’re similar to GT 2170’s) and my Brooks Addiction motion control shoes (on the recommendation of my PT and Marathon Sports).  Then I saw these babies on Amazon for $68.  They are GT 2000’s, the newer version of the 2170’s, but I figured since my plantar fasciitis is under control, I can add these to the rotation.  Plus (this picture doesn’t do it justice) these are so bright they hurt my eyes in the sun.  Someone doused them highlighter fluid.  Seriously.  SO BRIGHT. wpid-img_20150501_054343_701.jpg

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