April Fitness Roundup

My goals for April were to focus on my physical therapy and to track my food every single day.  And I accomplished both of those!  As far as PT goes, I’m back to running and that feels amazing.  Tracking my food was tough.  I often overshot my calorie goals by double, which made me feel bad.  But then I had to remind myself that my only goal for the month was to track my food, not to meet any calorie goals.  You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  Step 1 was measuring it.  Now, I can make strides to improve it.


  • 102 minutes cardio [March=0, Feb=216]
  • 6 Workouts and 1 runs [March= 16, 0]
  • Total Distance = 1.02 miles [March=0, Feb=16.79 miles]
  • Fitbit — Average Daily Steps: 6,287  [March=5,504, Feb= 8,295]April Fitbit
  • MyFitnessPal — Average Daily Calories=1572April Calories
  •  Weight:
    • April 1 = 131.8 lbs
    • May 1 = 131.8 lbs


  1. Physical Therapy – Continue
  2. Food Tracking – Continue
  3. Reduce calorie consumption – The goal for me to lose weight is to eat net 1200 calories a day.  Since I’m exercising more now, particularly doing cardio, this should be easier.  However, I’m setting my goal for May to come in under 1450 net calories per day on average.  By net calories, I mean whatever I eat minus calories burned from cardio.  I do enter my exercise (when I know how many calories I burn) into MyFitnessPal, so the net calories will be reflected in my graph for May.
  4. Run! The half marathon I’m signed up for is a little over 2 months away.  That is not nearly enough time to properly train for a half.  Right now I’m just conditioning myself to run again.  My goal for May is to run 3 times a week (sub cycling if I have any pain).
    1. My “reach” goal is to be able to run 5 miles by the end of May.  That is a reach, given that I’m barely banging out 1 mile right now.  But I gotta have something to strive for!



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    • Your link didn’t work 😦 But, if you’re trying to lose weight, I definitely suggest tracking calories. While exercise will make you healthier, it doesn’t help me lose weight if I don’t pay attention to my calories. I use MyFitnessPall app and it works really well, but I know FItBit has one, and a variety of others.

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