Something Blue

Over the past few years I’ve eschewed the idea of a traditional wedding dress. I want to wear cobalt blue. I look better in it. Just as I never have the opportunity to wear a wedding dress, I never get to wear blue ballgowns either. This is my chance. So, I’ve been saying all along that I want to wear a cobalt blue ball gown, with thick grecian-esque straps, v-neck, and a giant poofy skirt.

Neiman Marcus - Badgley Mischka Sleeveless Open-Back Lace-Bodice Gown

like the other two, but in this blue

Aidan Mattox 457680Monique Lhuillier Scholar Gown

You would think this would be easy to find, but I’ve been pinning things for over a year, and it is not.  It’s either navy, or light blue, or A-line (not ballgown), strapless, bedazzled, layered, frilled, etc.  I just want a clean, simple sleeveless ballgown wedding dress, just in cobalt blue.  Is that too much to ask?

Besides being hard to find, I’m starting to realize that this could be very controversial.  My friends get it, because they know me and the fact that I don’t want to do anything the “normal” way.  But I have no idea how either one of our mothers will react.  None of us are that close, so it’s probably fine.  However, I was watching Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta yesterday and one bride was getting chastised for wanting to wear silver.  You’ll blend in, You don’t look like a bride.  ETC.  Here, I thought silver was a perfectly acceptable bridal color, right up there with ivory.  Boy, was I wrong.  I do worry about if I’ll look like a bridesmaid, or like I’m going to prom, and if people will think I’m crazy.

I am going to try on more traditional wedding dresses, for two reasons.  1. I need to see how a ballgown and an A-Line fit on me.  An A-line might be poofy enough because I’m only 5’2″ or maybe I’ll settle for nothing less that the giant princess ballgown.  2. I need to give a wedding dress a try before I decide to go the blue route.  I just need to make sure I’m okay with passing up on my one opportunity to wear a wedding dress.  I’m a little nervous I’m going to cave and opt for a wedding dress.  Mostly nervous that I’ll do that and regret not sticking with my first instinct and getting what I call a red carpet dress.

I just needed to verbalize all of the swirling thoughts I have about my wedding dress.  It feels like this balancing act between being completely selfish because it’s my day, and trying not to disappoint everyone and their mother because it’s a family affair.  And I have barely started planning, yet.  Oi.


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  1. You’re the bride so wear what you want to wear!! There are so many different things that people do at weddings now, that I don’t think wearing a different colour dress is a huge deal! I like the blue and think it would suit you! If you end up liking a white wedding dress, you could always have a blue bow or something like that added to it!

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